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The Second Saturday Scrum Club is an unusually grandiloquent title for a newer gaming group I have become a founding member of, located in Silver Spring, MD, usually at the host’s house. Like low-impact aeroboics or low carb Belgian beer, we don’t take things too seriously, generally game ahistorical subjects, and manage to have a great time.

We are blessed to have Joe Procopio as our current soft-spoken alpha male, who usually hosts and administers things. Other regulars are Jared Smith, John Sears, Rich McKee, and Steve Braun.

Member blogs:

1000 Foot General – John Sears (Shorthand: 1KFG)
3PoS (you’re here already)
Scrum in Miniature – Joe Procopio (Shorthand: SIM)

As the name implies, we meet on the Second Saturday, and plan ahead who is going to run what about a month out. Meetings are convivial, friendly, with wide ranging conversation and usually cooperative style gaming, which has been almost exclusively miniatures based. We are not ruling out playing RPGs at some point, as almost everyone in this group has a long experience with gaming, many of them going back to the grand old days. This same group will sometimes play RPG games off-schedule, such as Call of Cthulhu and Dungeon Crawl Classics.

This page is really to explain what the tag #scrummers means, and to immortalize our efforts by listing what events played and when. I will usually support an event by writing up the ones I participate in with a blog post and some pictures. Joe is also unfailing in this as well as the other members who blog. Almost every game we run results in at least one blog post and usually two, so the shorthand code will indicate the source.

Games (so far) that I’ve posted AAR’s on, or links to other member blogs:

Post Title GM Rules
Retro Delvin’ in the pits of pervy Lord Thule! (3PoS) Joe Home Brew Dungeon Delving System
Dungeon Delve: The Crypt of Mighty Lord Thule (SIM) Joe Home Brew Dungeon Delving System
Mega Space Hulk, it’s a thing (3PoS) Jared Space Hulk
Mega Space Hulk Game (SIM) Jared Space Hulk
Golem Night (3PoS) Walt Frostgrave
A Cold Night in Frostgrave (SIM) Walt Frostgrave
Beyond the Black River! (3PoS) Joe Sellswords and Spellslingers
Up the River without a Paddle! (SIM) Joe Sellswords and Spellslingers
First Game of Mad Maximillian with Real Humans (3PoS) Walt Mad Maximillian 1934
The Fun and the Fury (SIM) Walt Mad Maximillian 1934
Run from the Dead, a Halloween Game (3PoS) Joe Run from the Dead
Run from the Dead: Sellswords & Spellslingers’ Zombie Forebearer (SIM) Joe Run from the Dead
My Fall-IN! 2018 experience (3PoS) Walt Mad Maximillian 1934, Con AAR
Joe’s Fall-IN! 2018 experience (SIM) Joe Sellswords and Spellslingers, Con AAR
Pedal to the Heavy Metal (SIM) John Gaslands
Gaslands (1KFG) John Gaslands
A Raging Weiner in the Aftermath (3PoS) John Gaslands


Our upcoming small one day convention is SCRUM CON, it will debut in February 2019, at Davis Hall, College Park, MD
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