Limping Back from COLD WARS

Well, I promised myself I’d spend a week curled up in a fetal position after COLD WARS; in cyberspace terms, I’ve accomplished exactly that. Sorry for the lack of a post or three in a couple weeks. It’s been awfully busy getting the CONVENTION off the ground.

We had our share of bad to awful karma; promotions sucked wind for this thing and it’s going to be hard for the HMGS BOD to put a shine on that turd. I’m not going to name names or point fingers, plenty of other people will do that for me. The Program Book (a big issue; read the Cosentino letter earlier in this BLOG for more edification) imploded on me at the last second. That sucked ass. It was only due to Mitch Osbourne’s heroic last minute efforts to resurrect it from scratch that we had any book at all. Oh, and my beloved pickup went South on the drive up to Lancaster. I should know better than to wail “What more can go wrong, God?”

I went out of my way to try to reconcile some folks that were highly pissed off at East this CW; notably having some folks on staff who haven’t worked in a long while; predictably, they worked their asses off and demonstrated their trustworthiness.

We’re still figureing out the final numbers… looks as if we made a profit, but not near as much as predicted (mostly cuz of the free admission for GMs). Attendance was down about 14% by my reckoning. Oh well, maybe next time we’ll get the word out better.

They (the BOD) are looking at making some changes in the convention managment positions. Stay tuned and watch this space.