Here’s some random piccies from my camera. I’ll have two full-fledged battle reports this week, as I have time, but this is just walking around stuff for now.

A very cool hex based terrain layout, home-made.

Not sure, looks medieval.. should have taken notes!

A pulpy-gaslight-y kind of thing, lots of kids playing

Even if I can’t frame a photo, NJMGS (from New Jersey) had their own very succesful club room this year.

From a Roman game put on by Mark Zaslavsky

The Phenomenonly succesful Painting program, hosted by Heather and Paul.

Heather and Paul on the job

Grainy shot of the DISTELFINK during prime Friday hours.

Another Theme game.. Age of Sail rocks

A rather interesting theme game of Age of Sail.. kind of pirate-y. The soldiers are blocks of painted wood, the ships similar.

Wider shot of same. I like this.

Phil Fry demonstrates the award winning FIRE AS SHE BEARS. I caught a demo of his block based Age of sail game, too. Nice chap!!

Some pics follow of ARNHEM, the monster game that took up the back half of the Distelfink.

Very Impressive!

Del Stover, former president of HMGS, now seems to have found the dark side. Here he is demoing fantasy games for kids. Good work, son!

Some of the charming Events booth ladies.. Kathy and Roni

Buck Surdu’s War of the Worlds Movie Tie-in game

Age of Sail in the HAWKS room.

Not sure, I think that was Baden Hill.

That’s it for now. Battle Reports later.