A Guide to Audio Posts at the Third Point of Singularity

Due to recent advances in the technology of blogging and digital audio production, it has become easy to routinely post audio posts to blogs.  I’ve blown hot and cold about the idea of a regular podcast on a specific subject.  I honestly can’t think of a subject I would like to podcast about on a regular basis that isnt’ already the subject of several competing podcasts.  Wargaming? History? Literature?  Politics?  There is a cornucopia of great podcasts and vidcasts out there already on these topics, why start another?  However, I do want to try a little something now and then, even if it is a pebble in the avalanche.  So I have created a couple of adjunct activities to this blog that add a multimedia element to the subjects I regular post upon. logo PODBEAN.COM is a soup to nuts simple podcast hosting service with a web hosting service and many hooks to social media services such as Facebook and Twitter.  I use it for Airy Persiflage, a site dedicated to reading (mostly) short audio fiction and poetry, mostly in public domain or used
with permissions of the authors.  I pay extra for extra bandwidth plans

. badge image Thanks for downloading, everyone! is a great no-frills, heavy audio content website in the UK.  I back up everything I post on Podbean on HuffDuffer.  You can find everything I have recorded for this blog at this link.

I had a short lived podcast on Audioboo, then Audioboom, for a while, called History, Mystery, BOO!  It was just a semi-regular attempt at a very short short podcast that ended with a question I would explore the following episode.  I liked it but wasn’t too thrilled with Audioboom’s policy changes so I shut that one down.

2020 Edit: I admit, I haven’t posted at lately.  I still like it but the interface is a bit janky.

2020 Edit: I have a account, this is mostly redundant to, but has more off the cuff material. See here: On this menu item (Audio) there are some sub-bullets that collect all the posts on the Singularity that are in the “Audio”, “Spoken Word” or “Audio Files” categories, so you can easily keep up with what is being posted to this blog in audio format. 

I also maintain an RSS feed on the right side, main menu.

Recent efforts: I started a sporadic social/political/historical podcast on, which is yet another soup-to-nuts podcasting package, free, that distributes to major distribution channels such as Apple Podcasts and the newer Google Podcasts.  This show is called “Nizzocles” and I am going to ramp it up a bit more during the 2020 Pandemic.  I also put them on Soundcloud.

  1. Sounding out AudioBoo and PhoneBoo (
  2. Testing AudioBoo (
  3. Recording audio on the go: Two nice iPhone apps (
  4. Huffduffer saves web audio to your own podcast stream
  5. How to create a podcast using Audacity and Podbean.
  6. Audacity at Sourceforge

Recent Plague Readings from the COVID 19 Pandemic of 2020:

  • The Fungi From Yuggoth, by H.P. Lovecraft
First ReadingParts 1 & 2: The Book and Pursuit
Second ReadingParts 3 & 4: The Key and Recognition
Third ReadingParts 5 & 6: Homecoming and The Lamp
Fourth ReadingParts 7-9: Zaman’s Hill, The Port & The Courtyard
Fifth ReadingParts 10-14: The Pigeon Flyers, The Well, Hesperia & The Star Winds
Sixth ReadingParts 15-18: Antartakos, The Window, A Memory & Gardens of Yin
Seventh ReadingParts 19-22: The Bells, Night Gaunts, Nyarlathotep & Azathoth
Eighth ReadingParts 23-26: The Mirage, The Canal, St. Toad’s & The Familiars
Ninth ReadingParts 27-30: The Elder Pharos, Expentency, Nostalgia & Background
Tenth (Final) ReadingParts 31-36: The Dweller, Alienation, Harbour Whistles, Recapture, Evening Star & Continuity
The Whole thing…
Snowball Mic
Equipment note:
I use both the Snowball
and the Yeti microphones.
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