A Guide to Audio Posts at the Third Point of Singularity

Due to recent advances in the technology of blogging and digital audio production, it has become easy to routinely post audio posts to blogs.  I’ve blown hot and cold about the idea of a regular podcast on a specific subject.  I honestly can’t think of a subject I would like to podcast about on a regular basis that isnt’ already the subject of several competing podcasts.  Wargaming? History? Literature?  Politics?  There is a cornucopia of great podcasts and vidcasts out there already on these topics, why start another?  However, I do want to try a little something now and then, even if it is a pebble in the avalanche.  So I have created a couple of adjunct activities to this blog that add a multimedia element to the subjects I regular post upon.

Snowball Mic

Yeti Mic
I use both the Snowball and the Yeti microphones. I actually like the sound from the Snowball more than the more expensive Yeti.
Podbean, where I host Aery Persiflage

PODBEAN.COM is a soup to nuts simple podcast hosting service with a web hosting service and many hooks to social media services such as Facebook and Twitter.  I use it for Airy Persiflage, a site dedicated to reading (mostly) short audio fiction and poetry, mostly in public domain or used with permissions of the authors.  I pay extra for extra bandwidth plans. is a great no-frills, heavy audio content website in the UK.  I back up everything I post on Podbean on HuffDuffer.  You can find everything I have recorded for this blog at this link.

AudioBoo Logo

Audioboo is a podcast-on-the-run service that seems optimized for recording with an Iphone or Ipod touch recording device.   The Audioboo App records the voice input through a mic on the phone or plugged in to the Ipod and then will transmit to your site.  I have two audioboo accounts, one for personal or family stuff (sporadically) and one dedicated soley to History, Mystery BOO!, my attempt at a weekly history quiz transmitted with Twitter and audio files.   I can embed Podbean MP3 files to stream directly from WordPress, but Audioboo seems to be problematic at this point in time.

On this menu item (Audio) there are some sub-bullets that collect all the posts on the Singularity that are in the “Audio”, “Spoken Word” or “Audio Files” categories, so you can easily keep up with what is being posted to this blog in audio format.

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