NOVAG Game Day Winter 2012

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NOVAG held our annual Winter Game Day at the Chantilly Library today.

Chantilly LIbrary
Chantilly LIbrary

There were about 5 games ran and played, all of them historical miniature wargames. There was a GENERAL QUARTERS game going on when I cam in, World War One era.

Tim Tilson was running a game of Command and Colors: Napoleonics modified for miniatures, with a mostly youthful audience, which I thought was just grand.

I got into a game of Wings of War, trying to bring down a German Balloon with Bob, Cleo, and Fred Haub. Sadly, I think all of us, save Bob, got shot down. My adventures over the Western Front are recounted here:

There was a nice looking WW2 15mm game going on behind us.. I didn’t think it was Flames of War, it was too chaotic looking. Who knows?

And, Naturally, there was a game of WATCH YOUR SIX!

I was easily cajoled into a quick (and I mean VERY quick, as we only had 45 minutes left before library closing) game of Spartacus‘ First Battle. I played on the Gladiator/Barbarian side and we used Brian DeWitt’s rules, which worked very well for the purpose. Given the time constraint I didn’t play very cautiously, figuring I needed to knock the Roman’s morale down as fast as possible if I had a shot at winning it. Still, I waited for the Roman to come to me, figuring I would gain the advantage with him attacking up the hill towards me (and I was right). I also used two of my leaders to motivate the troops and gain an advantage on the attack downhill. The Roman (played by Mike Pierce, Fred Haub, and one other fella) were equally risk-taking, and plunged into a melee without waiting. When you’re short on time and possessing little resources, you go all in. We played the advantages we had, including a flank attack from the woods with some hidden troops, which helped a lot, and the elite bonus for gladiators stacked with Spartacus. Sadly, Spartacus died on the slope, a victim of a miscast bolt, and that was all she wrote for the barbarian side. I did manage to put a serious hurting on my flank of the battle and was the only player to shatter a Roman unit, which would have helped a lot had the game gone on longer. In any event, it was a Roman Victory because of Spartacus dying and we called it a day. A great NOVAG game day for all concerned.

The Death of Spartacus!

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  1. The order cubes in the WWII game indicate it was a Command Decision: Test of Battle game.

  2. Hope that you aren’t too bothered by edit suggestions! Scott Fisher’s air combat game is entitled “CHECK Your Six!”

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