NOVAG Game Day at Centreville Library, Centreville, VA.. and ROAD KILL RALLY!

NOVAG, the Northern Virginia Gaming club that’s been around for decades, throws a “game day” at various locations– usually the Game Parlor but sometimes at public use rooms at libraries. We often put one on at the Centreville Library.

Game Day
Gar knows the power of the Fez.

We were there from about noon to four, which was about all we could fit in. There was some Carnage and Glory evident, and some 15mm or possibly 10mm American Revolutionary War game, and a 25mm game set in German East Africa, Anime Tactics, and later, a 50s era Jets game of Check Your Six. Gar and I got there too late to really participate in one of the longer miniatures games, so we pulled out Z-Man Games ROAD KILL RALLY, a recent purchase, and started playing. We had a grand time of it. The game plays quickly and very smoothly. The core mechanic of the game is Rally Cards. Players maintain a hand of them, and replace them 3 at a time, if they have less than 5 of them. Everything in Roadkill Rally cost rally cards– crash resolution, combat, recovery from wiping out, ammo expenditure. Rally cards can be thought of “freedom of action” or “options that a player can take”. So the more cards you sacrifice to avoid crashing, or deal with a combat result, or defend yourself, or pay for ammunition for a weapon, the less you options you have left in your turn. I liked it. It’s elegant, but limited to the cards and tiles that come with the game. I wish there were expansions. Unfortunately, since I just saw it show up on Tanga, it would appear that Z-Man doesn’t plan on expanding this one past the basic game. Or maybe not. Who knows.

Thematically the game is very evocative of a mix of Car Wars and Death Race 2000 (the 70s version). It deals with the somewhat violent subject matter (scoring points by running over innocent pedestrians) in a lighthearted manner, not unlike the source movie Death Race. I didn’t find it horrifically offensive or anything.. just funny.

Road Kill Rally Slideshow link
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Here’s a brief glimpse of us counting final victory points for the game. Garrett came in first which gives a 100 point bonus– but it’s still possible to win even if you don’t come in first. That’s just the equivalent of scoring two older people, after all. I like asymmetrical scoring systems like that.

I briefly, and I mean BRIEFLY played a short bout of ANIME TACTICS. This is a game I would recommend more enthusiastically if they had done a better job on the cards. The game is a miniature skirmish game set in an Anime universe, and cards are a huge part of it. The cards printed by Fantasy Flight Games are so tiny as to be unreadable. I had to stare at them or a while to figure them out. The game system itself I rather liked. All the cards have all the information you need to play. Each character card has stats and information about the actions it can perform and the points it cost to make it happen. Here’s a slide show of our quick game.

As usual, it was a great time and I look forward to the next one. Word has it NOVAG will throw another this Summer.