A Slideshow of the Big Show.

I had a very good COLD WARS this year. The first one I’ve been to since I stopped being a CD in fact. I had taken a break from wargaming for a while; honestly, a person can burn out after so much exposure to it. So it was good to get away and reconnect with the things I like about this hobby; friends, good company, moving lead around, having fun.

I was very fortunate to be allowed into Chuck Turnitsa’s Red vs. White 15mm Russian Civil War game on Friday morning, which worked out really well– I had a night shift on the Events desk. It was Chuck’s home system, a mix of many things. The outcome was a draw.

Quick gulp-down of dinner, and a long shift slinging tags. I haven’t done that in a while. And I thought it would be slow! HA!

I was a bit beat to get into a night game, no great loss. I went out and played ILLUMINATI with some friends I know locally– that game still has it!

Saturday, worked an earlier shift, but it was pretty inconvenient being midday. Missed out on a few games I had a jones to play. So it goes. Did some frantic shopping. Invested in UNCHARTED WATERS, which looks highly amusing.

got some dinner, came back and played in a Howard Whitehouse game, his new COMBAT! system for Wargames Factory. A great time.

Met up with John and Dewey at the end of that. We broke out 54mm gladiators and had a quick game with Patrick from the HAWKS. I noticed a game of WEREWOLF going on in the corner and jumped into it.. man, I’m a target for these things. Why is that?

Loved the game, it was fueled by booze.

Overslept Sunday, tried to flea market sold almost nothing. Did a quick pass around the vendors, and then I was heading homeward.

Great Show, Frank Preziosi and crew! You deserve every bit of the compliments you will have showered upon you for your hard work and dedication.


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