Point to Point Interview with Your Humble Narrator and Bob Giglio at Historicon 2011

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HISTORICON 2011 was fortunate to have some podcasters present for our recent show.  I am very interested in encouraging more podcasters to show up and cover HMGS shows (not just on the East Coast, but all over the country if possible).  I love podcasts and follow many gaming podcasts.  Unfortunately there are not many podcasts that focus on miniature and tabletop gaming.  The ones that nominally do focus solely on tabletop games do seem to specialize on specific game rules and miniature lines (e.g., Warhammer, Flames of War).  This is not a universal statement– the D6 Generation has great coverage of tabletop games, I also like Meeples and Miniatures and some others that have lots of miniatures content.  Compared to the number of podcasts on board wargaming or roleplaying, however, there are not many of them.  If someone wants to work on a generalized podcast on Tabletop wargaming that covers the waterfront from fantasy to historicals, I’d listen to that in a heartbeat.  Just sayin’.

I volunteered to call a few podcasts that I thought might be a natural fit with a HMGS show’s clientele; Jason from Point to Point was kind enough to take me up at my offer. I like Point to Point quite a bit; this is a serious and thoughtful podcast on one my favorite hobbies, board wargaming.

Full Audio on this Point to Point Episode: http://traffic.libsyn.com/point2point/Point_2_Point_49.mp3″

The Historicon coverage of this episode starts around 1:10, I am interviewed starting at 1:11 (roughly).

Some points of clarification: I was speaking off the cuff with very little prep for this interview, so to clarify a flub or two I made–

1) I mention I collect and paint “Uncharted Waters” by Spartan Games. It’s not Uncharted Waters, it’s Uncharted Seas.
2) The Too Fat Lardies product I was trying to cite was not “Valor and Resolution”, it is Triumph of the Will. Sorry.
3) I believe the first publisher of Brother versus Brother was H.G. Walls. I also like Johnny Reb III.
4) During the “Ten Questions” segment, I accidentally referred to Dan Verssen of DVG Games, as “Bob Verssen”. Sorry, Dan!
5) As of today, there has not been an official announcement about the HISTORICON venue for 2012.
6) The Sad Tale of the Brothers Grossbart is not really a retelling of Grimm’s Fairy tales, I was babbling. It’s about a couple of medieval thugs.
7) A Zed and Two Noughts by Peter Greenaway was not from the early 90s, but made in 1985.

Jason comments in an earlier segment where he was responding to a listener that wrote in that he has problems with the inaccuracies of measurement in tabletop wargaming– by this I mean his statement that he’d “take hexes or points on a map any day” over a miniatures style game. Presumably the “fuzziness” of the movement and picking up figures and placing them on the table again leads to ambiguities and arguments. I’m not sure what players Jason has been playing with, or what kind of tensions are present in his gaming experience, but I’ve never really experienced “arguments” over that issue. If anything, Miniatures is ALL ABOUT measuring specific angles, distances and such. That’s why we have all those tape measures. No worries, just mentioning a counterpoint.

In closing, I’m very happy Jason came up to cover HISTORICON and I hope he comes back to future HMGS shows. The footage was good and he covered the topic very well. We’d love to have him back!