Historicon 2007– Thursday

Mad Germans, insouciant Romans, Burgers (the edible kind) and Dealers

Thursday: I get up to Historicon in the afternoon– checking into the hotel (off site). A nice place, albeit small. I drive over to the convention– I am too late to get in an earlier game, so wander around a bit taking pictures, and I go to the painting program to paint a soldier or two.

What can I say about the job done by Bob Giglio and all of his talented staff leads, that hasn’t been already said? I was greatly impressed. Bob knows how to run a show and how to get people to work in harness. I think has done and continues to do a magnificent job. I don’t know the numbers, nor am I all that interested, but I can attest to the fact that I could barely find a parking place on THURSDAY, and that speaks volumes.

As always happens at a convention, I spend no little amount of time walking around and bumping into people. Cons are for friends and games, and I spend some time catching up with a bazillion people I only see three times a year.

The games I saw on Thursday looked to be a lot of fun. Here’s some visual evidence for John Buck that his favorite game was in evidence– MOBY DICK!

And a very nice pulp-y game in Antartica:

I make desultory run on the flea and find nothing I can use at a price I’m willing to pay. I snorted when I picked up a WWI tank model and asked the price. The seller cooly demanded the same price he would get in any hobby sho

I bump into Jeff, Ed Watts, Joe Watts, and a crowd of folks. We decide to grab some dinner. Our mission for the evening was to get the lady announcing your order was ready to say something perverted. Alas, Fuddruckers only calls your first name and an initial. I told her my name was Bigby Miller. Think about it.

Later on that night, I was very happy to get into a game of THE LOST LEGION (T-464), running modified “Viking Battle” Rules. The GM was Robert Rutherford. The Battle was the Teutonbarger Wald, where Varus and his three legions encounter thousands upon thousands of Germans in the black forest. There were, literally, a thousand figures on the tabletop. Quite the show!

Lost Legion Slideshow

There was a fascinating game in the Showroom set in my favorite Time Period, interwar. This was a nice 28mm game of Russian Civil War fighting. As you can see, the Showroom is a nice place to run a game, and it was packed this year. If it weren’t for the stairs, I’d actually ASK to run games there– it’s quieter, cooler, and there is plenty of space.

From Midnight Train to Georgia (T-527), run by Joseph Alexaner and Mark Edgerton, using Home Rules.

Yessir, the con was off to a good start Before I retired for the evening, I visited the game in the lobby upstairs to get the semi-obligatory Duke Pix! It had a Northwest Frontier flavor.

Cool Slideshows!

And so.. I drove off to my hotel room at 3 in the morning.. Yikes, the fatigue.