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A Redcoat
A Redcoat

Honi soit qui mal y pense
— “Evil unto him who thinks evil of it” (Norman French)

This is the blog and website of one Mister Nizz, who goes by many names in many places– his anonymity isn’t exactly foolproof. This is not a blog that sells something, or a political blog, or even one that lapses into social commentary (well, maybe it will now and then, but not often). This is an entertainment. For the author’s sake, primarily.  So it may not be very stylish or trendy, but it is all him.

The journal you are seeing is a hodgepodge of eclectic stuff the author wishes to comment on or finds interesting. There will be some family stuff contained herein, as well as many posts about hobbies, which include history, wargaming, reading, writing, game design, miniatures, science, NASA, space exploration, cryptography, mathematics and various computer geegaws, gadgets, and gizmos. A healthy smattering of popular culture will thread throughout– mostly in the form of horror and science fiction genre references, maybe some popular music.

The author often notes the passing of people he admired or at least had an impact on him for good or bad purposes, but doesn’t wish to make this an ongoing obituary.

For the most part, The Third Point of Singularity, so named because this is the third in a series of blogs with the words “Point of Singularity” in their title, shall remain formless, somewhat chaotic, but coalescing around that nebulous standard of “stuff the author likes”. This blog also feeds the author’s Facebook account on a post by post basis.

The Owner will sometimes us the acronym “3PoS” to represent the term “Third Point of Singularity”.  For all intents and purposes, 3PoS and Third Point of Singularity are interchangeable.

This blog has no fixed publication schedule; the author could conceivably post one or two times a day or go two weeks without posting anything.  It all depends on what strikes his fancy.   If you are interested in following the updates here, the “Subscribe” function is suggested (top menu item).  There is also an RSS Feed which is here: https://misternizz.wordpress.com/feed/ You can add this to your Feed Aggregator, if you use one.

Site Features: The Author maintains an extensive blogroll on the left hand side of the screen which is a categorized list of sites that he likes to visit.  We all know this is isn’t considered “HTML best practices”, but this is our own private catalog of items and sites that interest us.  Many of them are sites that concern themselves with miniatures painting and gaming, military history, etymology,  cryptography, writing, NASA, art and puzzles.   On the right side are selected feeds that have tickled the author’s interest in history.  The author will sometimes run a contest of sorts on this blog– a word game or trivia contest or similar challenge.   Readers are encouraged to participate if they have the notion.

Who am I?  Well, nobody special.  Just another one of those opinionated bloviating internet bores, I guess.  I try to be positive, and do good things.  Not everyone takes what I say in the spirit in which it is intended, so opinions are mixed.  My nicest public accolade came from my friend Otto Schmidt:

“He’s a slightly tamer, more Americanized version of Howard Whitehouse, but he’s got a huge constituency and I really know only a handful of people who don’t like him. But beyond that he is a tireless promoter of games, and still has hopes of making inroads into Board Games, but his signal accomplishment is running a “war game Camp” for kids during the summer in which he “inflicts kids with the gaming addiction.” He is also a tireless game designer, and like Howard brings a new dimension of innovation and imagination to the games. There’s a good chance if you meet a young gamer he came to us through him.”

(Being compared to Howard by Otto is quite a compliment, although undeserved!)

The Notoriously Camera-Shy Mister Nizz, in a rare moment of weakness.

Donating is a nice way to assist with the bandwidth requirements of this site, as our increased activity in audio and video snippet production necessitates finding a place to host all these wonderful bits of multimedia.  I assure they aren’t free.  If you value this site and want to help with a buck or two here or there, please consider donating.  We’ll continue no matter what, but it would be nice to defray a little of the cost.  Surprise! I actually have had a few!

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“Rules are written to convince the players that the world inherently makes sense”

Mister Nizz

misternizz@gmail.com  (general email contact for this website)

General Social Media Stuff I use or have tried:

MisterNizz channel on YouTube
MisterNizz channel
on Flickr
MisterNizz’s Web Publications
on Calameo (digital documents)
TheLastBrunch on Twitter
on AudioBoo
hussar09 on Pandora
Airy Persiflage on Podbean (audio commentary associated with this website)
Misternizz’ HufferDuffer page (audio compilations themed around this website)

In 2004 and 2005, I posted book reviews on my Tripod Site, Booksandtime.  From about 2008 onward, I’ve used Goodreads almost exclusively, reposting reviews here.

Related Archives:

The Point of Singularity (Xanga: June 2003 to December 2004 SHUT DOWN January 2011)
Another Point of Singularity (Blogger: December 2004 to July 2009)

Editorial Policy

 (please, read this):

The owner of this blog is not a professional journalist.  Reviews of products and services will be posted on this blog from time to time.  Reviews are solely the opinion of the owner of this blog, and should not be considered to be a professional endorsement or anything more than a written opinion.   The owner of this blog is not compensated in any way for what he writes on 3PoS (except, very occasionally, a review copy of a software, board game or other commercial product).  If you are a publisher or person with an objection to something written on this blog (based on demonstrable facts), please email contact the owner via the links above stating your objections.  Abusive, derogatory and other negative emails will be ignored, or perhaps posted and ridiculed.  It is the bedrock policy of 3PoS to try to be fair and honest about everything written herein, and we will modify text if you can convince us we are wrong. However, we will choose the wording and we will post that you contacted us with concerns.


License is granted to quote, in context, material written on 3PoS to include content, internal and external links, and unique imagery, with strict attribution and notification.  This is more of a legal thing than an ego thing– consider it also a courtesy thing.  Feel free to link to any article on 3PoS using the PERMALINK code at the bottom of every post.  Images are another matter, I may link to an image that is not my intellectual property (with permission, one hopes!).  It is up to you to determine ownership.

Links within this WordPress.com are covered under this CCL as well as links I control (and pay for) such as Box.com, Dropbox.com and Podbean.com.  Interpret this to mean: no direct linking of dropbox, box.com, or podbean.com.  Link to the page the file is linked to instead.

There is an excellent community of bloggers out there, blogging on a host of diverse subjects, often in a more studious and elegant fashion than I could manage. I will occasionally “Reblog” another author’s work using the WordPress “reblog” tool. In these cases I inevitably give a shout out to the original author, when it can be determined, or at the very least credit the website where it came from.

In accordance with the FTC Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising, the author is not paid cash, goods or services in kind for any commercial product or service mentioned on this blog.

Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License.

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  1. WOW, Thank you! Your blog is giving me inspiration for my own wargaming blog. I like how you used wordpress. I wished googles was as friendly and useful like this. Thank again.


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