HuzzahI’m gradually seeing the light about smaller conventions. I don’t need to attend ORIGINS or GENCON to have a great time with my gaming buddies, it’s all about having fun, really and the larger the convention is the more like work it becomes to attend it. Sure, I’ll still visit my HMGS conventions, but they are small enough that everyone knows everyone else, pretty much.

Here are three that are now on my radar. I’ve attended the first one but have missed the third due to schedule restraints the first two outings.

WILLIAMSBURG MUSTER. One of two conventions put on by the Old Dominion Miniatures Society, the Muster is fun, dirt cheap and in February, which makes it very reachable for me, as not much is on the calendar to conflict with it except maybe NOVAG’s Game Day. Website: Hotel: Holiday Inn Williamsburg, Williamsburg, VA

1D4Con this appears to be a series of conventions as there are 1D4cons in more than one location.  The one I am interested in is in Martinsburg, WV.  Hotel: Martinsburg Holiday Inn. Really more of a RPG con than anything else, but they will play miniatures games.

GUNS OF AUGUST. The Summer version of the Muster, this is usually held at the tail end of August, which doesn’t usually collide with something else but is a little more difficult to schedule. Website: Hotel: Holiday Inn Williamsburg, Williamsburg, VA.

THE WEEKEND. The creation of Otto Schmidt, this convention doesn’t seem to have a real name, though it does go by the nom du guerre of “The Weekend”. Logistics are quite reasonable, if you stay at the hotel, the show is free. If you can only do a day trip, I believe there is a request for a donation around ten bucks. The venue will be gaming only, though there may be a bring and buy. No “official” vendors that I am aware of. No lectures, no special programs, just gaming. And food. And drinking.. kind of a no stress weekend. If you are interested: contact Otto Schmidt. I think this email works for him — sigurd at eclipse dot net.  NOTE that this is an invitation only convention, more like a gathering of friends, and they have to keep numbers down for logistical reasons.  They don’t do a PEL like HMGS, but they do publish an after-action booklet that is quite well done. Website: this page is the only mention of it officially on the net, but you can visit the Society of the Daisy Yahoogroup.  I’ve also started a schedule page on Sched.Org supporting the weekend, but it’s way early yet, and no games are scheduled so far.

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