COLD WARS 2012 Thursday: He Man Woman-Haters club

And it’s yet another fun HMGS Convention recap!  This time for COLD WARS 2012, which is ongoing as I type this.  Thursday, I drove up around 1040, and ended up here at 1330.   The drive has become a non-event if you time it right, and is actually pretty pleasant.  I listened to CAESAR: LIFE OF A COLOSSUS on the ride up.

Lots of activity ensues, frantically setting up for the opening of registration area that night.  Slight respite, which we use to change, shower and get a chicken salad sandwich before the Staff Meeting.

Frank P’s operation is still running well.  The most interesting elements of the Pre-Staff was the announcement that Staff Members have to be HMGS Members (no big deal) and the “Free GM Badge” will have be extended only to members from now on.  I support both initiatives.

We opened the doors around 1900, and worked feverishly until 2100.  It was a mob scene, hardly enough room to swing a dead cat, if that’s your idea of a good time.  Right in the middle of the pandemonium, Mike Lorenzo dropped off my new (used) Fleet of 1:1200 NAVWAR galleys I purchased from Norbert Brunhofer (a moving sale).  They look great.

After the frenetic two hours, I desired a beer greatly, and this libation was easily found about forty steps to the left, where I ran into John Drye and Dudley Garidel.  A couple of lies and chicken nuggets later, I was at Frank Chadwick’s palatial suite for his so-called He-Man Woman Hater’s Party.  As far as I know, Mr. Chadwick likes women; this was a joke on the reaction to the theme for COLD WARS 13 theme, WOMEN WARRIORS.

SPAM, Irish Whiskey, and Graham Crackers. That’s a party, right there!

There was even a woman present!

Well, kinda.

The format was the same as an ancient Greek Symposium.. wine was imbibed, topics were discussed, and we ooohed and ahhed over some SPACE:1889 figures:

I had to stumble to my room after an hour or so of this activity.. and sadly, my vision was blurring so bad (from the SPAM, not from the Whiskey) that my attempts to crash-paint my Jarek War Balloon for my Ralgard fleet (for Saturday Night!) ended up with the paint brush on the floor me fast asleep. I did wake up and get it done in the morning, though, before doing my morning shift in registration.

And that is my COLD WARS by mid-Day Friday! So far, it’s been a huuuuuge mob scene. Registration has tapered off by mid-day, but business has been brisk. I will either see JOHN CARTER or get in a game tonight! More to come.

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  1. “Well, kinda”?!
    I *am* a woman!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I just happen to be a gamer too 😉

  2. I been busy writing Awards AARs, and trying to update my poor, outdated blog lol!

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