Some new weapons for Mad Maximilian 1934

Harpoon Guns are hip

My recent foray into running Mad Maximilian 1934 at ScrumCon 2019 made me realize I have not really written down some ideas I’ve had for weapons that probably SHOULD be in the Mad Maximilian rule book but aren’t.

So this quick post is to redress this. I’ve worked out how to use Harpoon Guns, Grenades, Mines and Molotov Cocktails for a while now but needed to put it down on paper so I could attach it to my QRC sheet for convention games. I might as well share them with anybody that is interested.

Disclaimer: These weapons are added as a fan based player aid, offered for no recompense and as a derivative effort. This document is not authorized by Mana Press, and their efforts are acknowledged for its inspiration.

If you want a new weapons sheet, go here to download the PDF. If you have ideas about other weapons that aren’t in the current rulebook and fit the early 20th century/pulp mystique of Mad Maximilian, I encourage you to share them either on the Facebook Group or the Tapatalk forum for Mana Press.