Fast Shuffle Combat Chariots 1.2 released

A recent request for clarification on some minor happy to glads from a user in England about FAST SHUFFLE COMBAT CHARIOTS (FSCC) led to a minor edit and scrubbing of grammar, clarification of a few minor points and better language, also an introduction (by your humble correspondent).  I wrote FSCC back in 2006.  It was my first game on the Digital Rules page.. FSCC plays pretty fast and loose and certainly takes broad liberties with history– on the other hand it plays fast, is easy to teach and learn and can lead to some really funny situations.  It also emphasizes using a few decks of common playing cards as randomizers and cheap plastic chariots in HO scale, the scale of choice.  The game was designed to be a good intro game into historicals. I think I achieved what I was aiming at.  Anyway, if you have an interest it’s on the Digital Rules page, standard place.  Or what the heck, just click on the cover (above).

On an tangential note, the person inquiring into the rules ran it Christmas week, and all reports indicate it was a blast for his gaming group.  I hope to share his blog post when he completes it.

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