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PTSD Modern Army Men

Someone passed me these images recently.  I was impressed.  They originate from this person here, named “Dorothy“, and it’s called the Casualties of War Boxed set.   Four plastic figures sculpted in a fashion evocative of the plastic army men of my childhood, only with a darker side– one soldier is frozen in the act of suicide, another is begging on the street, another is an amputee in a wheelchair.

Sadly, beneath the tragicomic imagery, there exists a real problem.  Don’t get the wrong idea.  I don’t consider the problems faced by returning soldiers to be remotely amusing.  However, I wonder if kids had little green army men like this in their toy chests, would we be willing to embrace the idea of a war so readily?

Images: originally on LET’S PLAY ARMY MEN


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Command and Colors: Napoleonics Scenaro THE BATTLE OF CASTALLA

Portrait of Sir Arthur Wellesley, Duke of Well...

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Here is another one of my fan made scenarios for Command and Colors: Napoleonics.  This one focuses on the Battle of Castalla, late in the Peninsular War.   Marshal Suchet is endangering Wellington’s line of march by threatening to join up with other French armies in the Peninsula.  Wellington had to find a way to keep the Marshal busy, and succeeds with a polyglot command of Sicilians, British, and Spanish troops under the overall command of General Murray.


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