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Pulp Science Fiction Miniatures Project 1/2

I’ve been painting up a lot of retro pulp style Science Fiction miniatures in 28mm lately, as I’ve referred to in some previous posts.  I’m more of a fan of the Commander Cody/Flash Gordon/Buck Rogers style of retro SF, personally.  Collecting figures in this very narrow niche can be a challenge.  I’m going to post two posts of Youtube videos I recently posted that give an overview of what I’ve been working on. I usually post verbiage and still pictures, but what the heck, this might be fun to do as an alternative (occasionally).

Here’s 1 of 2.


Mutant Future Big Sky Campaign #3: Nazi Pigs, Nazi Pigs, F__k off!*

* Paraphrasing from the Dead Kennedys

Last night was another great remote session of Goblinoid Games’ MUTANT FUTURE role-playing game using Roll20 as the map and die roller, and Google Hangouts carried the load for audio and visual.  We had about 9 players.  I couldn’t make session 2, being out of town at the time, but I didn’t miss a huge amount except experience.  That mysterious building from Session 1 turned out to be a bottling plant.  Why a bottling plant required armed security bots went unexplained.  Anyway, we got some bottles from the plant to carry fluids in, and some ball bearings, and a shotgun, I think.  Session3 started in the village of Mick Owster (see map)

Mik Owster and its relationship to the Mountain complex. We adventured soley in 33, 22, just soutwest of there.

In Session 2, many adventure threads opened up, including running an errand for the shaman to pick up “Sweet Water”, water from a well that had curative powers, and looking for the Suidoid, and “doing something” about the Pig Men, mysterious armed invaders evolved from Pigs.  We chose fetching some sweet water, since it sounded like something we could accomplish in a one night session.  Well, we were right, kind of.  We managed to find the Well where this water comes from with no difficulty.  Unfortunately a pack of giant carnivorous flies were nearby, stripping the corpse of some unfortunate to the bone.   Our big plan was to use me to mentally communicate with the flies, but I had to get closer to do that.  On the way there, I failed my surprise roll and got jumped by a gigantic mutated trapdoor spider.  The spider didn’t waste time, he just dragged me down into his spider hole and jumped up to try and get more of us.


A knockdown battle ensued, with the Spider being sufficiently scary to keep the flies at bay. I had been injected by the “bad poision” according to the GM, so I could only project mental telepathy at the Spider, which did nothing but add a little comic relief to the game.

The Spider was dispatched, but it was close. The healing water did very little for me, but the medkit did a lot. With one use, I was within one hit point of being totally healed. Sadly, it also used up the medkit! Damned shaman!

In the midst of the fight with the resurgent carnivorous flies.

The Spider being dead, the flies weren’t as timid any more. They came rushing back but we dealt with them with Crossbow bolts.

The body the flies had been consuming yielded some coin and a working .357 magnum pistol. We had some working knowledge of it, but Cookie proved to be a genius at guns, so he’s holding on to the pistol for now.

Got back to the town, gave the bottles to the surprisingly ungrateful shaman. We made some inquiries and apparently there is a much larger town to the North of Mac Owster. We have tentative plans to go there, but dossed down for the night with watches kept. In the middle of the night, the village came under attack from the horrible pig men.

Mutant Future Pigmen

Mutant Future Pigmen

Pigmen are a group of animal mutants descended from Pigs. In this universe, they clearly worship the Third Reich, as they were all wearing Grey Uniforms, Jackboots and Steel helmets. They had rifles. We went to the assistance of the Town Sheriff. Who was holding one end of a bridge against the pigs. Immediately, I saw where I could help out. My mutant, Larc Killstrike, is not a very sociable guy, and part of that is the mutations.. he generates a hostility field. His most powerful mutation is vampiric energy drain, which doesn’t help his friends much. Here was a situation where it could come in handy.

Larc and two others in the party slipped into the stream that ran under the bridge, and quietly waded across to the other bank. The sheriff and the other party members kept up the noise, firing from hiding, and shouting, keeping their attention. I crept to where I was the closest I could be to drain the pigs, my buddies keeping back out of range but covering me as best they could. From the cover of the river’s edge, I turned on the Vampiric Drain. Immediately, it worked. There was only ONE pig in the South building covering the bridge. That seemed odd. He started to wail as he lost energy and shouted something in pig language, then came bounding out to dive down the bank of the stream, where Cliff’s character shot him dead. Phew!

I moved on to the next building, and set up where they were guaranteed not to see me, lurking under the bridge. I blasted them with the vampiric drain again, and this time also detected just one pig. This wasn’t right. I knew this was a diversion.. a setup. Meanwhile, the pigmen attacked into the village with some form of Gas Attack, and killed two families and took some into slavery. The villagers were grateful that we pitched in, and were impressed that we killed one.. Pigmen are tough! However, the real attack did a lot of damage, and we couldn’t prevent it. Not sure where we’ll be with this next session, but we know a few things now. 1) Pigmen are a threat, not just to Mac Owster, but to the Mountain Complex. 2) Pigmen are TOUGH and 3) Pigmen have GUNS. So we may be encountering them sooner rather than later!

A great session, one that I really enjoyed. Mutant Future is a retro-blast from the past.


Today’s moment of Zen: Playing Games Remotely

Today's moment of Zen: Playing Games Remotely

Back when this appeared in print, there wasn’t an “internet”, email was mostly conceptual outside of DoD and a few universities, and the web as we know it was about 15 years off. Food for thought.