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Disney Studios releases teaser for the BIG BUDGET John Carter of Mars movie!

You, erm, might recall a post I put up a while back about a certain studio’s attempt to rip off the Walt Disney studio’s marketing momentum right about the time that AVATAR came out. That studio, Asylum, was attempting to put out a John Carter of Mars movie that would nestle between AVATAR and the Disney version of JOHN CARTER OF MARS to take advantage of Disney’s giant promotion wallet and maybe pick up some confused purchases of their straight-to-DVD effort.

Well, today Disney released a trailer for the version that I have been waiting for for a very long time.

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It looks a little hokey in parts.. glowing blue floors and a lot of soulful looks between the actors I presume to be Dejah Thoris and John Carter. However, let’s not forget something– the original source material was basically a pulp romance, and the books actually are fairly tawdry in places.. all heaving bosoms and radium rifles. That doesn’t mean I don’t love ’em, though. What I’m liking about this teaser are the elements they seem to be faithful to– it’s clear they will start and end the series with John Carter on Earth, he will have that amazing jumping power that is suggested in the book, and there WILL be giant green Tharks to play with (unlike the Asylum version). Plus swords, radium guns, bad men, badder men, heaving bosoms, duels, kidnapping, and high adventure. You know, John Carter stuff. I hope Disney makes a gazillion gachillion dollars off of this so they contemplate making more!