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Small Wars: Saxon 28mm Warband from Gripping Beast (SAGA)

My Saxon War band

Recently received was a 28mm Saxon Warband for the SAGA project. I won this on Ebay so I’m not sure what the MRP is on this thing, but since I won it from Architects of War’s Ebay store, I’m guessing its’ pretty close to 70 USD. That’s not at all bad for providing value.

At 2.12 a figure, that’s not bad for metal.

You get 33 figures:

  • 1 Warlord wearing chainmail, wielding shield and hand weapon (loose, to be added.. it will be a sword)
  • 4 Hearthguards, also armored at the Warlord level, with shields and mail and helmets. Less animated
  • 16 Warriors.. representing guys that have stood in a shield wall in SAGA terms, but don’t have more armor than a shield and maybe a helmet. All wielding spears.
  • 12 Levy.. these are the reluctant untrained chaps that are here out of feudal obligation. No armor, but they do have spears.

Quality is quite good. Not much of that lumpy bit of metal that makes a figure hard to stand up. No unbalanced figures. Mold lines were very clean. They were all quite sturdy, well sculpted without HUGE amounts of detail. That fits. Historically they wore wool cloaks and tunics, breeches and shoes equivalent to moccasins, maybe a big heavy belt in the middle with some pouches and knives.

The Warlord (left) and his 4 Hearthguard. Chainmail, shield, helmet, and wielding hand weapons. You can also see the spears that come with this pack.

Above you can see the Warlord and his Hearthguard. Click to enlarge.

Here are my dozen reluctant levy fighters. No shields, spears, and in need of enthusiasm.

Here’s my 12 Levy troops.. looking anxiously to their Warlord for some leadership.  Click to enlarge.

A stalwart band of Warriors who have seen the elephant at least one time and are ready to step up to the shield wall. Spears and Shields. One or two wearing a small helmet.

The 16 Warrior figures are the fellows who have stood in the shield wall and know what to expect. They will be the bulk of this Saxon Warband. Click to enlarge.

You get lots of stuff with a warband pack from Gripping Beast. In my case, lots and lots of loose, cast spears, some hand weapons, and their special flat green bases. I might have to buy some more, I don’t have enough for everyone.

Gripping Beast Saxons (Warlord, left, and two Warriors, right) compared to plastic Viking figures I’m using for SAGA.

Lastly, I thought I’d show you have the Gripping Beasts Saxons stack up against other figures I already have based and painted. In the picture above I have a Saxon Warlord facing a Viking Warlord, with two warrior types on either side squaring off. As you can see, they have a similar height, although GB figures are a tad taller foot to crown. You can solve that by using different base types. GB bases are very sturdy, but flat. (Click to enlarge photo)

Summary: I’m quite happy with my Gripping Beast SAGA Warband. This is everything I need to have someone to square off against the Vikings with. The warband is deficient in Archers, so I may make some changes there somewhere. Overall I’m glad I bought this warband and would recommend it enthusiastically. Great value!


Ebay sure is funny at times

If you follow this blog you know I keep a weather eye open for potential 15mm ships becoming available at a reasonable price.  So it’s safe to say that if something from Old Glory Shipyards (ex Merrimack Miniatures) shows up on ebay, I’ll probably be somewhat interested.  When I saw this pair of ships come available, I jumped at the opportunity to bid– especially at a starting bid of 8.50 each.



Monitor with single turret, 15mm, ACW era.



6 Gun Casemate, probably the CSS Virginia


I could use these– ACW is a little late for Big Danged Boats but I could kit bash them to look a little more primitive.

Now, I was all in when this was 8.50, and bid for both of them at that price. Then I got notice two days before the deadline that someone else was bidding. So I counter-bid, not very aggressively, just driving the price up a couple bucks. I wasn’t really interested in capturing the item definitively, just serving notice that I was interested and not going to quit. The real action would happen in the last 30 minutes of the auction. So I set an alarm on my phone and it beeped me in time to bid again before closing. Rapid counter-bid. I bid again. Rapid counter-bid. So I waited. Then bid again five minutes out. The counter-bid came again, this time in an amount that was much larger. At this point the asking price was getting up there, and I did a short look up on both ships. They could be purchased brand new for much cheaper than the auction price. At this point, I stopped bidding, but both ships went for more than ten dollars over the highest bid I was willing to pay.

Okay, fine, you keep those, says I. I didnt’ expect either of these to go for more than about 18 dollars, but people surprise me. That’s how ebay works, compulsion and the fear that you are missing out on something the next guy is getting. Once you start disciplining yourself, Ebay becomes a lot easier.