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NOVAG/Potomac Wargamers Winter GAME Day 2017 Primary Events List

NOVAG Game Day will be on 29 January 17 at the Centreville Library, Centreville, VA

Administrative Details:

Winter Game Day will be held on Sunday January 29, 2017 starting at 1:00 p.m. at the Centreville Library.  The library is located at: 14200 St Germaine Rd, Centreville VA 20121-2299  (roughly I-66 and US 29).  The Library phone is 703-830-2233. This event is free.  The library opens at 1:00 for players. GMs may enter the side door starting at 12:00 noon.

GAME TITLE:  Siege of Skipton Castle
GAME MASTER:  Brian De Witt
PERIOD:  Medieval
SCALE:  25mm
RULES:  Home

GAME DESCRIPTION: Bring your ladders, catapults, rams burning oil and rocks to either storm or defend Skipton Castle. Rules will be taught.

GAME TITLE:  Piacenza
GAME MASTER:  Tim Tilson
PERIOD:  War of the Austrian Succession
SCALE:  15mm
RULES:  Black Powder

GAME DESCRIPTION: 15 June 1746. Piacenza Italy. After concluding peace with Frederick of Prussia in December 1745, Maria Theresa ordered Field Marshal Ulysses von Browne to Italy with a small force.  The Austrians marched over the Alps in late winter and upset the prevailing Allied dominance in Lombardy.  Browne quickly retook a number of outposts and Milan.  The Spanish evacuated Parma, retreated north to Piacenza and entrenched outside the city.   With the arrival of the main Austrian army under General Liechtenstein, the Spanish were outnumbered 56,000 to 26,000.  However, the entrenchments greatly favored the Spanish and so Liechtenstein settled down to a siege.  On June 14, a French relief force under Marshall Maillebois arrived on the Allied left wing, south of the city, shifting the balance of forces in favor of the Allies. Browne sensed an Allied attack, and refused his left wing, deploying it behind the Canale San Bonico. At first light, the Allied right wing advanced. 

GAME TITLE:  “Halle 1806”
GAME MASTER:   Tom Bierschenk
PERIOD:   Napoleonics
SCALE:     15mm
RULES:    Napoleons Battles 4th Edition

GAME DESCRIPTION:  17 October, 1806:  Bernadotte’s I corps rushes to cross the Saale river at Halle and destroy the Duke of Wurttemberg’s Reserve Prussian Corps, the only remaining intact large Prussian force between Napoleon and Berlin.  Bernadotte must restore his honor, after having shirked his duty at Jena/Auerstedt.

GAME TITLE: Sharke’s Bridge
GAME MASTER:  Mark Fastoso
PERIOD:  Napoleonic Fantasy
SCALE:    28mm
RULES:   Dragon Rampant

GAME DESCRIPTION: Lt. Sharke and his Chosen Orc Rifles have been ordered to destroy a bridge on the border.  Seems like an easy mission but he has been accompanied by Colonel Simm’Orcson, a rather buffoonish officer, and his men who are out for glory.  All seems quiet at the bridge and Simm’Orcson despairs at losing his chance for fame and fortune until he spies a cannon being moved into position across the river.  He immediately orders his men to cross the bridge and capture the gun!  Lt. Sharke stares in shock at Simm’Orcson and his men cross the bridge he is about to blow to kingdom come.  This is a Napoleonic Fantasy game using Flintloque figures and Dragon Rampant rules.

GAME TITLE:  Sand Dunes of Zwarfontein ( German South-West Africa)
GAME MASTER:   Roy Jones
PERIOD:   Colonial
SCALE:     25mm The Sword and the Flame (Modified)
RULES:  The Sword and the Flame (Modified)

GAME DESCRIPTION:  The Herero War is over – the Nama Wars have begun! The alliance between Nama leader Hendrik Witbooi and the Kaiser is shattered! A combined Nama force of Witbooi troops and those of Simon Kooper confront the Germans at Zwarfontein. The Germans have mobile mountain guns, but the Nama have some

GAME TITLE:  White Eagle, Red Star
GAME MASTER:   John Koprowski and Dave Markley
PERIOD:   1920 Post WWI Poland
SCALE:     20mm – 1/72
RULES:   Too Fat Lardies’ Triumph of the Will /If The Lord Spares Us

GAME DESCRIPTION:  It’s 1920 and Vlad, Lenin not Putin, is moving west to spread the Glorious Workers Revolution to Western Europe and …Amerika.  Can the out gunned and under manned Poles save Civilization from the Godless Bolshevik barbarians?  Man your machine gun; pilot your fighter plane; or drive your armored train into the Polish fight for freedom…or ride into glory with Seymon Budonny.

GAME TITLE: Panzer Kids Desert Skirmishes
GAME MASTER: Peter Schweighofer
PERIOD: World War II
SCALE: 15mm
RULES: Panzer Kids Deluxe

GAME DESCRIPTION: Command tank forces battling for control of the North African desert in World War II using these beginner-friendly rules. Maneuver British and German tanks around dunes, oases, and other obstacles to destroy enemy tanks and win the day. Drop in to learn the rules and fight a quick skirmish or stick around to try some of the optional rules to add depth to your game experience. Wargaming beginners welcome. Kid-friendly game; ideal for players 7-12 years old.

GAME TITLE:  WWII Air Battle – Wildcats vs Me-109s
GAME MASTER:  Dennis Wang
SCALE:  1/285
RULES:  Air Force/Dauntless

GAME DESCRIPTION: Air Force/Dauntless with computer assist. 4″ hexes and  1/200 airplanes (Wings of Glory scale) with telescoping flight stands equipped with climb/dive, bank, altitude indicators. Bring your tablet/smartphone/laptop equipped with a WWW browser. Windows, Mac, Android, Chromebook all OK. Paper and pencil not r equired/used. Novices welcome. Rules PDF free on the Web or at the meeting. On 26 March 1945,  FM-2’s from 882 Squadron Lieut Comdr. GAM Flood, RNVR) off HMS Searcher, escorting a flight of Avengers along the coast of Norway, was attacked near Christiansand by a flight of eight III Gruppe JG 5 Me-109Gs. The Wildcats (now called “Wildcat instead of “Martlet” as the Fleet Air Arm adopts the USN names for carrier aircraft in January 1945) shot down four of the Me-109Gs at a cost of one Wildcat damaged. A fifth 109 was claimed as damaged. These were the last British Wildcat victories at the end of WWII

GAME TITLE: End of an Iron Dream
GAME MASTER Jason Weiser
SCALE: 20mm
RULES: Battlegroup WWII

GAME DESCRIPTION: It’s the typical story, 1945, a German garrison in East Prussia is holding on by their fingernails to stave off the inevitable. Someone at OKW had the bright idea to send in some supplies to them, and thought, if we’re going to do that, why not launch a local counterattack to open a corridor to them? Suddenly, an entire company sized Kampfgruppe is now on the move at night against a Soviet force of unknown size, trying to blast open a corridor to a garrison that may not still be there.

Can you make a silk ear out of a sow’s purse and complete this fool’s errand.

GAME TITLE: The Battle of Yampil, 19 June 2014
GAME MASTER: Mike and Patrick Byrne
PERIOD: Modern
SCALE: 28mm
RULES: Force on Force

GAME DESCRIPTION: Before a cease fire takes place pro-Russian rebels launch an offensive to take more towns.  The Ukrainian Army launches a counter attack to encircle the rebels.  Can the rebels stop the Ukrainian counter attack?

GAME TITLE: Space Hulk
GAME MASTER Stefan B. Tahmassebi
PERIOD: 40,000 AD
SCALE: 28mm
RULES: Space Hulk 2012

GAME DESCRIPTION: Terminator Space Marines versus hungry Tyranids.


NOVAG Spring Game Day, 01 June 2013

NOVAG will host is Spring Game Day on Saturday 1 June 2013 at the Knights of Columbus Hall on the campus of St Leo’s Catholic Church. The church is at 3700 Old Lee Highway in Fairfax. The hall is at the back of the campus by the baseball fields. Doors will open at 11:30 a.m. for GMs to set up games. Gaming will start at 1:00 pm. We have the hall unit 6:00 pm. Admission is $3 per adult and children free. All the money raised by the admission fees will be donated to the Knights of Columbus.

Flea Market. A Flea Market will be held from 1:00-2:00 pm. Sellers need only pay the $3 admission fee.

Internet Donation. Being organized on line now, NOVAG has only one expense. Our web site is hosted by Peregrine Computer Consulting Corporation for free. However we do receive a yearly bill for $17 for our name registration. Currently the treasury has enough to pay next year’s fees. So we will have a donation basket to help defray the registration fee. When we host Game Days at libraries etc we are prohibited from charging admission. So this is an opportunity for the club to replenish its coffers.

The Primary Events List follows:

Primary Events List

Title: Lutterburg
GM: Tim Tilson
Period: Seven Years War
Rules: Black Powder
Scale: 25mm
Length: 3 hours
Players: 5

Description: 10 October 1758 1500 hours. Early in Ocotber, the Comte de Soubise was reinforced by Chevert and St. James and promptly advanced. Facing him was LTG Oberg with only 17 Allied battalions to oppose the 78 French/Saxon battalions. Consequently, he retreated northwest across the Fulda river through Lutterburg, with a goal of crossing the Werra river. However the French were on his heels. Ober’s only crossing was at Munden. Fearing he would be caught by the French en marche, he stopped at the heights of Lutterburg and deployed his army. His right flank rested on the Fulda with his left on a hill known as the Klein Stuafenberg. Soubise followed him and planned to use his superior numbers to outflank the Allied army and push it onto the Fulda or force it to surrender.

Title: The Struggle for Omaruru (German South-West Africa 1904)
GM: Roy Jones
Period: Colonial
Rules: The Sword and the Flame (modified)
Scale: 25mm

Description: The Hereros hold the German garrison town of Omaruru;the Kaiser wants it back! But Herero riflemen are defending in depth from stone field works and strong points, with their usual courage and skill. A tough job awaits Haupmtann Frank’s elite 2nd Feldkompagnie. From the scenario book The Herero War. More at http://www.hererowars. com

Title: Second Battle of Heligoland, Novebner 18, 1917
GM: Bill Cira
Period: WWI
Rules: Fleet Action Imminent
Scale: 1/3000
Length: 4 hours
Players: 8

Description: The Royal Navy has learned of a German Navy plan to conduct a mine sweeping opersation west of Heligoland in the North Sea. The Germans want to ensure safe passage of their U-Boats while the British plan to spoil the plan. A strong force of RN light cruisers and battle cruisers have scattered the German mineswepers and are in hot pursuit of a squadron of German light cruisers. But there could be an unpleasant surprise for them at the end of the ride. Rules taught and beginners welcome.

Title: The Battle of Denmark Strait.
GM: Walt O’Hara
Rules: Victory at Sea
Scale: 1:600
Length: 3 hours
Players: 4

Description: In May of 1941, the Bismarck and the escorting Prinz Eugen finally broke out into the Atlantic and were free to begin their commerce raiding cruise. Just two ships of the Royal Navy stood in their way, the HMS Hood and HMS Prince of Wales. The resulting battle proved to be disastrous for the Royal Navy and lead to one of the greatest confrontations at sea during WW2. Perhaps it could have gone differently, who knows? The RN players will have the Hood and Prince of Wales, the Germans the Bismarck and Prinz Eugen.

OPTIONAL (Depends on remaining time)

Title: The Battle of the River Platte
GM: Walt O’Hara
Rules: Victory at Sea
Scale: 1:600
Length: 3 hours
Players: 4

Description: The first major naval engagement of WW2, the Admiral Graf Spee had been successfully raising merchant ships in the South Atlantic, but the Royal Navy’s Sought American Division was closing in. On December 13th, 1939, three British Cruisers engaged the German pocket battleship. On paper, they were outgunned. Historically, the German captain balked due to his certainty that there was another RN squadron nearby (there wasn’t)- – so he cut and run to a neutral harbor where he ended up scuttling his ship. This scenario allows the half-completed historical battle to be played out. In a stand up fight the British player will be at a gunnery and armor disadvantage, but will have the advantage of attacking from different directions.

Title: Police Action
GM: Dwin Craig
Rules: Fireball Forward!!
Scale: 15mm
Length: 3 hours
Players: 4

Description: 22 August 1941, 0500hrs The SS Police Division was located several kilometers south and southwest of Luga. SS Brigadefuehrer Muelverstedt advanced up to Luga and assaulted several bunkers and ran into problems. The Soviets had to literally be shot outof their bunkers and defensive positions.

Title: Mannecourt Hill
GM: Roxanne Patton
Rules: Battlefront WWII
Scale: 20mm
Length: 3 hours
Players: 4

Description: 20 September 1944. Turning back from the advance to the north, Col. Abrams leads a reinforced task force on a sweep east to the town of Ley to clear the village of German armor. C/37th on Abram’s left crests Mannecourt Hill into a deadly German fusillade.

Title: The Scouring of the Westfold
GM: Lance O’Donnell
Period: Fantasy
Rules: War of the Ring
Scale: 25mm
Length: 4 hours
Players: 4

Description: A dark cloud has fallen over Rohan, Saruman has betrayed the White Council and seeks the One Ring for himself. He has allied Isengard with Barad-Dur as the two towers unite. First Rohan must be destroyed. Saruman has unleashed the forces of Isengard to wreck havoc upon the Westfold. With King Theoden under Saruman’ s spell, his nephew Eomer has gathered loyal riders to try and stop Saruman’ s vanguard. This game uses Games Workshop’ s Lord of the Rings: War of the RIng mass battle system. The forces of evil are a mix of Uruk-hai and Warg Riders and the forces of good are Rohan Oathsworn Militia and Riders of Rohan. Rules will be taught, not recommended for children under 14.

Title: Mini Mech: City Under Siege!
GM: Sean Conlon
Period: Future
Rules: Mini Mech
Scale: 6mm
Length: 2 hours
Players: up to 6 (possibly 8)
Description: A fun, streamlined set of rules for combat between companies of tiny mechs and combat walkers, in an urban environment.