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The Garden of Earthly Delights

Studio Smack, and animation company I know very little about, recently put together a contemporary animation of Hieronymus Bosch’s GARDEN OF EARTHLY DELIGHTS, the original of which is hanging at the Museum del Prado in Madrid.  It’s pretty amazing animation.  They did a beautiful job.  I like to look at it and don’t want to forget this exists.  So I’m posting it here.  Vimeo Link

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Сражение (Srazhenie) is a Russian version of Battleground, a short story by Stephen King that originally appeared in the collection SKELETON CREW. Renshaw is a professional hit-man who returns from his assassination of a toy-maker to find a package delivered to his penthouse apartment. The package contains a G.I. Joe Vietnam Footlocker, sent to him by the mother of the toy-maker he had recently killed. When he opens the package he finds that the toy soldiers are alive with working copies (albeit miniature) of weapons, jeeps, and helicopters. To Renshaw’s surprise the tiny soldiers begin to attack him.

The Russian animation adaption (Сражение), is amazing and brilliant.  Сражение was created by the (then) Soviet Kievnauchfilm studio in 1986, directed by Mikhail Titov.

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Chess: A Love Story, by Felipe Jose Ramirez

Gregory Grant’s ODE TO GI JOE (original)

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NOTE: Sadly, Blip.TV took umbrage at the Staple Singer’s C&D for this film and have killed my account.  It is no more.  It’s a great pity Mr. Grant couldn’t get permission from the Staple Singers for his movie.

Gregory Grant’s genius ODE TO GI JOE presented with music intact.

Ode to G.I. Joe

Shhhhh.. don’t tell YOUTUBE! This references the previous post

Ode to 12 Inch Joes: good news and bad news

Back in the day, I used to attend animation festivals semi-regularly. My favorite animation raconteurs were “Spike and Mike” who were pioneers in getting the word out about computer animation. Aardman Animations, the folks who bring you “Wallace and Gromit” first were aired in small animation festivals. Nick Park, Marv Newland, Tim Burton, John Lasseter, Andrew Stanton, and Will Vinton all owe a huge debt to Spike and Mike.

One film I saw in (I believe) the 1990 Festival program left a lasting impression upon me. It featured pixelated (stop motion) G.I. Joes of the “real hair and beard” vintage, dancing to the soundtrack– “I’ll Take you There” by the Staple Singers. I believe the title was “Ode to Joe” and it was by Gregory P. Grant. It was an outstanding piece of animation. I have looked for that film for years, to no avail. On a whim, I searched YouTube the other night, and voila, there it was. Alas, the folks who managed the Staple Singers have a real problem with sharing the soundtrack, so the film is displayed without it. Not to be detered, I present the original ODE TO JOE.. with a link to a streaming version of I’LL TAKE YOU THERE, all nice and legal, like. Try to open one in a new window and start both streams as close to simultaneously as you can. It’s ALMOST like the real thing.

Staple Singers – I’ll Take You There

2012 update to this post: I found a place where you can see the original film intact. Follow this link to view: Ode to G.I. Joe Intact.