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Pulp Science Fiction Miniatures Project 1/2

I’ve been painting up a lot of retro pulp style Science Fiction miniatures in 28mm lately, as I’ve referred to in some previous posts.  I’m more of a fan of the Commander Cody/Flash Gordon/Buck Rogers style of retro SF, personally.  Collecting figures in this very narrow niche can be a challenge.  I’m going to post two posts of Youtube videos I recently posted that give an overview of what I’ve been working on. I usually post verbiage and still pictures, but what the heck, this might be fun to do as an alternative (occasionally).

Here’s 1 of 2.


Discworld on Youtube

I’m an off again on again fan of Discworld by the late great Sir Terry Pratchett, who sadly left us last year. One of the problems with living on the right side of the Atlantic Ocean is that you sometimes aren’t in the know about what gets produced for British Television, although that is changing quickly with the advent of BBC America. So I am totally not hip about some cultural artifacts that our British cousins enjoy that we may never hear of. Just yesterday I heard of a few from the realm of Discworld, Terry Pratchett’s universe featuring a flat disc shaped world supported on the backs of four giant elephants on the back of a giant tortoise that sails through space. Do I need to explain this? Of course not. Anyway, apparently there are a few locations where one can find BBC (I expect) adaptions of Discworld novels, for internet viewing. I had no idea this existed, I’m not sure what the limitations are, and I kind of feel bad about sharing it, but shucks, I figure they’ll be shut down soon enough. Let’s party!

GOING POSTAL (TV mini series, 2010, based on the 33rd Discworld novel of the same name)

first of several links.

HOGFATHER the 20th novel in the Discworld series (another mini series, this time by Sky One, aired in 2006 at Christmas time, appropriately).

part 1 of 4.

THE COLOUR OF MAGIC, the first novel in the Discworld series of course! (Another special from Sky One, in 2008)
part 1 of unknown parts.

So, that is what I know of for now. I hear tell there are to animated films floating around in the aetherverse, but they have eluded me so far.

I know what I’ll be bingewatching shortly.

If the links are broken at some point, don’t kvetch. They come and go on Youtube, for obvious reasons.

A rap song about Monopoly

thats a phrase I never expected to utter.

Dan Bull, an English rap artist (and a pretty good one AFAIK) raps on Youtube about a wide variety of topics, including games (of the video variety). the Monopoly one is charming, in a rough trade sort of way.

How to make Cards (the CheapAss way!)

James Ernest, aka Mr. Cheapass, illustrates how to create some simple card decks in this video.  Now I’ve heard of and tried these methods before, but did not know some of the intricacies of the materials and methods that he brings up– particularly the weight of card stock and how to use a corner rounder.  Very interesting information–  I’ve subscribed to the CheapAss YouTube channel.

Thanks, James Ernest, this was really useful to me. I make and use cards all the time.

The FLUXX theme song

It certainly isn’t every day a game gets its own theme song. As far as I know, even Chess, Checkers, Monopoly and Parcheesi don’t have theme songs. Yet FLUXX, the little nomic style card game from Looney Labs, does! Apparently the “Doubleclicks” play the game a lot and were inspired to create this song out of the blue. What fun!

I need to break out my bull fiddle and start composing the theme song to Advanced Third Reich. Yeah, that’s the ticket! I see a new trend here!

More details on the the Wunderland blog.

Emphasizing the story aspect of wargames

Conflict goes hand in hand with drama; and military conflict generates dramatic moments by the bushel load.  Very rarely are games presented as stories; as players, we tend to get caught up with either the history as it really was or the tactics of the situation we are in, or the mechanics of the game simulating the event.  There are all kinds of players out there.  One kind that I admire is the kind that can recognize the story aspect of a game and does what he or she can to try to communicate that to you in some fashion.  Like “Stuka Joe”, for instance.  Whomever that is.  Check out his video of a recent B-17: Queen of the Skies game.  Joe invested in a component upgrade and took pains to give the game a multilayered three dimensional look– and shot the event as a dramatic narrative instead of a series of dice roles (which is mostly what B-17 is– looking things up on a table and rolling a number of D6s).  Dice rolls aren’t even mentioned, just the results.  The result is a fun, dramatic narrative as “Diamond Lucy” makes her second trip over the skies of Occupied Europe.

I particularly liked the idea of inserting the faces of people the author knows as crew members on the “Diamond Lucy”, instead of just a nameless Ball Gunner, Tail Gunner, Flight Engineer, etc. Nice touch!

Quadrotor Hijinx

It was a nice day, so we pulled out the Quadrotor and practiced flying.

Watch this space; we’ll figure out the camera, too.


I’m sure there are honest Kickstarter promotions..

The thing is, I’m one of those naive UP FRONT backers on Kickstarters. It’s totally on track with that comment about empty promises and lots of G-D D-mned emails. So I don’t want to be cruel or anything, but this is funny!

Thanksgiving 2013

I think this just about says it all.

In the end, all we have is each other, and for that, I’m thankful.

The Sad Clown with the Golden Voice

Clowns, at some raw level of emotion, have always disturbed me.  It’s not traumatic, I don’t scream or freak out at the sight of them or anything, I just find the makeup a little disconcerting.

Recently, I discovered “Puddles”, the singing clown with a voice of gold.  Here’s an example of a clown that I actually like:


SPI Commercial from the mid 1970s

For your viewing pleasure. You can see famous SPI designer Richard Berg and a few other notables, including SPI President Jim Dunnigan, in some of the scenes.


Veteran’s Day, 2013.

On Monday, the United States celebrates Veteran’s Day, and it is right and fitting that we should thank the military veterans in our lives for sacrificing so much in their nation’s service. I encourage you to do so.  Especially those that have been scarred by their experiences. Some veterans have wounds that aren’t so visible, yet their impact lasts a lifetime. Like Jim Wolf, pictured above, a homeless veteran who has struggled with alcoholism and depression for years. Thanks to the incredible people at Dégagé Ministries, Jim recently had a chance to undergo a makeover courtesy of Design 1 Salon & Spa, which he graciously allowed the people at Rob Bliss Creative to film in time lapse. I love this little video, it’s worth a watch.  Two lovely spa ladies flutter around the veteran in the center trimming, cutting, dabbing, highlighting… as he stoically gazes at the camera with his hard jaw set in world weary indifference.  That is, until he sees what a transformation they have wrought.  This is a hard movie to watch without tearing up a little.  You have been warned.  At the end, I couldn’t help thinking.. “well, hello! You were in there all along!  Who knew?

Yes, I know, it’s on the surface. Alcoholism is a serpent whose coils are strong and resisting of release. There’s more to changing your life around then a haircut. Yet, I find myself hopeful. Maybe, an ounce of pride is everything to a man like Mr. Wolf. He has a long, lonely road to walk, and I wish him well, realizing there’s no guarantees in life.

Thanks for your service, Jim.

Happy Veteran’s Day.


The best Treehouse of Horror Couch Gag ever

Guillermo del Toro, director of Pan’s Labyrinth, Hellboys 1&2, Blade II and many other stylish horror films, was the director of the recent annual Simpsons TREEHOUSE OF HORROR. His treatment of the the three minute “couch gag” piece that is the start of every episode is simply masterfully done. Can you name all the classic horror movies in this amazing title sequence ?

The Stalker (1979)

Years after SOLARIS, Russian filmmaker Andrey Tarkovskiy ventured into an almost Lovecraftian mode of storytelling with the little known movie THE STALKER. I just heard about it on Lovecraft Zine. One of the nicer bits about the Youtube boom is that I’m discovering full length movies cropping up now and then (especially ones in foreign languages, which is just ducky with me). Here, then, is Andrey Tarkovskiy’s THE STALKER, in two parts, courtesy of Youtube.

Part 1

Part 2


Your History Moment: A1 Skyraider Low Level Attack

A U.S. Navy Douglas AD-6 Skyraider attack plan...

A U.S. Navy Douglas AD-6 Skyraider attack plane (BuNo 139769, after 1962 A-1H) and an AD-5W early warning aircraft (BuNo 139605?, after 1962 EA-1E) in flight. Note the differences between the two aircraft, both a develpment of the Skyraider design. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Just playing around with film editor tonight..

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