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MAY 2014 Puzzle: Hexagon Looping path

MAY 2014 Puzzle: Hexagon Looping path

Find a path from that travels from hexagon to hexagon, ends where it started, and never crosses itself. The path can only pass from one hexagon to another if they share a side, and the path many not make a “sharp” turn of 60 degrees. The numbers placed in some of the hexagons indicate the number of adjacent hexagons through with the path passes. The path cannot pass through a numbered hexagon. Think of this puzzle as being very similar in theme to the Windows freebie game MINESWEEPER, and you will have no difficulties.


Solution: 22 April 14 Dominoes Puzzle

Solution: 22 April 14 Dominoes Puzzle

Here you are! This solves the 22 APR 14 DOMINO PUZZLE.  I had exactly zero attempts at a solution, but that’s hardly surprising, as it would be next to impossible to answer without printing it, drawing boundaries, and rescanning it.

Still, I enjoy posting these, so you don’t get off that easily.  Stand by for the May entry.

Bi-Monthly Bookkeeping Post


This is the ANSWERS post for the last four or five of the “Puzzle” category posted on this blog. For your enlightenment and entertainment.

April Jigsaw Wisdom: “To Laugh Often and Much”

April Numeric Bumpers: 10, +20, -5, +10, +15, +5, +10, -10, +15, +10, +5, +40, -20, +25, +40, -5, +10, -10, +25, +5, +15, -5, +30, -10, +15, +30, +20, +5 = 295

May Bronte Puzzle: “To Be or Not To Be”

May Farmer’s Field (see graphic for solution):

Farmer's Field (Answer)

The Roman Farmer’s Field (Answer)

There is life out there!

The two example equations intersect twice. The...

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Blogs tend to be lonely pursuits; at least most of the ones I read– they focus on narrow interests (gaming, history, math, physics, astronomy), there really isn’t a lot of repartee between the primary author and his audience.  Many of them become declarative in tone after a while.  As for this blog, I know people visit it, but I’m never certain people read anything or engage in a post beyond the surface skim mode perfected by the Internet age.   I’m sure more interaction on 3PoS would be fun, but what would I do to create that?  Post a series of video reviews?  Get in the game review business? Start a REAL regular podcast on something people are interested in?  Nah,  I don’t think so.  I don’t have the time to be another Tom Vasel.   Besides, there’s Tom Vasel already, and he’s doing a great job.   Still, it’s nice to discover that every once in a while, someone reads and engages with something that gets posted here, and such was the case today.   The recent number grid concentration puzzler was posted with the usual lack of fanfare and pessimism by your humble narrator on 09 December.  I posted the answer in a spreadsheet form (the same one that created the puzzle, by the by) on 21 December.  Perhaps I should have waited a week or so more, because today I received a very nice email from Mr. Jonathan Franklin, who hails (I think) from the West Seattle area.  Read on after the break.

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BRPD1 Heathcliffe, Round 1 Questions

The Keyword is ORANGE.


1: Something Lethal
2: Found at a Shopping Mall
3: Microsoft Software
4: Disease
5: Famous Musician or Singer
6: A Battle in Japan

Good Luck!