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Musings on Cannon Fire at Dusk, as I walk across the parking lot to an old minivan

(repost from Airy PersiflageThis is something of a wayback machine episode– I recorded it without thinking on an Ipad the week before the Inauguration and forgot about it.  I  kind of like it, however, and decided to post it.

I’ll admit this up front, I recorded this on an Ipad on the way home the week before the Inauguration, 2017, so it’s in the future tense. Our President has been in office for about two weeks now and I just found this audio Snippet on my Google drive.

I should know better when I hear cannon fire at the work place.. I left my job on the 13th of Jan that night and heard the steady syncopation of BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM and it took me a few minutes to realize what I was listening to. The Old Guard Saluting Battery, practicing for their big moment of giving the new President a 21 gun salute. Someone has to do this.. and if they are going to do it, they are going to do it right. I’ve seen this many times, and they are a good outfit– thoroughly professional. In the short gloomy dusk of a Friday evening in January, it completely mystified me for a moment. Only in Washington!

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The Japanese and their Minstrel Show sense of Humor

I’m jaded about politics. This is hardly a secret– I live in the environs of Washington DC and have seen them come and go over the years. Like any sensible American, I’m wishing our president EVERY success… I’d be a fool not to. I admit he has a certain candor and wit, and tremendous potential to charm– but I can’t say I’m a huge fan of the man himself, like a lot of us, I’m waiting for him to prove himself. Until then, I’ll reserve judgment and fervently hope he doesn’t screw things up. I was amazed at my own response, recently, upon seeing a Japanese game show lampoon the president with actors in blackface.

I like shock humor as much as anyone, but this is a bit much. Oh, those wacky Japanese.. maybe they can bring back Amos and Andy while they are at it.