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Deal with it.


Imagine Purple Rain, but hold the Purple

Below is a vimeo of a parody/retcon of the groundbreaking 1984 Prince film, PURPLE RAIN.  It’s performed by Tuareg tribesmen in Africa.  Here’s the kicker. The Taureg language has no word for Purple.  So instead of being “Purple Rain” this is ‘Rain the Color of Blue with a little Red in it”

Yes, this has to be savored.. they even kept the purple motorcycle intact.

All our efforts are undone

You may have noticed a recurring theme in my convention reportage over the years. My friend John Camarano and I like to pose him in front of the exposed ass crack of random gamers at conventions. It’s harder to set up than you think. Today, this young man has outdone our good work over the years with a single photo shoot at a Magic: the Gathering convention.

Well played, sir. Well played indeed.

For the entire series, visit his posting on IMGUR.


My family’s contest to see who can make our Star Wars guys the most fabulous – Imgur.


Today’s moment of Zen: Playing Games Remotely

Today's moment of Zen: Playing Games Remotely

Back when this appeared in print, there wasn’t an “internet”, email was mostly conceptual outside of DoD and a few universities, and the web as we know it was about 15 years off. Food for thought.


Google’s Halloween Doodle for 2013…

Google's Halloween Doodle for 2013...

is awfully precious. A witch stirs her kettle, with spell ingredients circling overhead. Different combinations launch different little animation routines. Bravo, Google!


Thought for the day…

Thought for the day...

Maurice Gossman, AKA “Private Doberman” on the Sgt. Bilko show.


Happy Friday

Happy Friday

“Move along, citizen. Nothing to see here”

(yes, I’m still not a fan of Games Workshop, but this is a great photo)

Hey! It’s 12.12.12:12:12:12


And here’s the proof! You know what else? It won’t be 12:12:12:12:12:12 again for a hundred years!

It’s Caption Tuesday!

Okay! I’ll start us all off!

    Quaid… Quaid… Start the reactor, Quaid… Free Mars… Free your miiiiind….. *Trivia points!

    Nancy was intrigued by the possibilities when paired her up with twins on her first date.

    Do NOT, repeat do NOT hold your baby in your lap when beaming up with the transporter.

    Doctor: “What can I do for you today?” Baby: “Doctor, get this man off my ass!”

And there you go!

Hey, I’m sorry I’ve been slow to post in recent months. Not a lot of free time, I’ve been up o it doing HMGS Events for the upcoming FALL IN convention! See you there!

It’s the April Fun with Wordplay Contest! Woo Hooo!

Quick like a bunny, describe what the associated graphics mean.

Number 1.

Number 2.

Number 3.

Number 4.

Number 5.

Number 6.

As always, feel free to reply using the COMMENTS section or on Facebook or Twitter. Have fun!!

Now, THAT’s shameless.

Many of us are familiar with shopping for hobby stuff on Ebay.  Heck, i’m guessing it’s a safe bet to assume if you read this blog regularly you likely are familiar with the process.  You probably already know of the practice of deceptive descriptions– cramming in enough buzz words to lure people who have established search categories running at all times to a specific listing is hardly a new thing.  Yet, last night’s gem was so egregious it was laughable.  Under the heading “15mm Science Fiction” which Ebay sends me a digest of sales opportunities on a regular basis, the following item was listed:

 “lot of 4 15mm star wars wargamming republic gun ship ,fantacy,sci-fi,warhammer” (sic)

 lot of 3 items star wars planet landing pad and drop shute to the ground, watch your round based figure spiral to the ground , and a base blaster protective wall for your cover support when your republic gunship  lands ,ships can be put , on either side and a small blockade house —  some of these  items our custom made  and hand painted,

What was that bit about dropping round based troops?  Oh yeah, take a closer look:

A kid's marble game?

So, if I’m reading through the spelling and grammar, the seller is attempting to fob off a children’s marble game as a “15mm dropship” also something that is for “fantacy” and “Sci Fi” and “wargamming” and it’s also from both Star Wars and warhammer? (sic).   I have to hand it to “mikeshardlemonade” (this seller), he has a sense of style.  I don’t think I would have the brio to try to pull something this shameless off, but that’s me.  For a real added treat, survey the rest of his “for sale” items, like the dollar store Easter figurine for 12 dollars!  The man is an artist.


John Travolta: Time Traveler.

Hollywood is developing an Eternity problem. Especially for actors in FACE/OFF! You may recall that Nicolas Cage is a vampire. As if we ever doubted it. Now we are presented with documentary proof that actor John Travolta is a real time traveler!

John Travolta, Time Traveler

on the left, Travolta in 1860s. on the right, Travolta in the late 2000s

And why shouldn’t Travolta jump back in forth in time, eh? The Church of Scientology certainly believes he can. According to the official Church of Scientology magazine Advance! (#130, pgs.22-23), an Operating Thetan claimed to have walked directly into the path of an oncoming truck but saved his own life by traveling in time to before he left his home. If just a regular Scientologist schmoe can do that, imagine how far back in time a huge, movie star, money-donatin’ Scientologist like Travolta can jump! The Civil War is nothing to these guys!

Of course, like the ears on the ancient Nic Cage photo, I have my doubts about the documentary evidence. It certainly looks like the spitting image of Travolta, but wow, the rest of his body is all out of proportion to his head. That’s a giant body for that tiny melon. So I’ll keep reserving my doubts until *I* can go back in time and meet Travolta and Cage back there in the anti-bellum past. Still, it’s danged amusing, I must admit.

Here’s an appropriate closer:

Nicolas Cage: Vampire

Has actor Nicholas Cage existed since the 19th century? Possibly before? Observe the photographic evidence for yourself:

Proof? That N. Cage is a Vampire? Wait, we've seen him in daylight..

The Photograph on the right dates back to the American Civil War and is alleged to depict a Confederate Officer and prisoner of war. The photograph recently went on sale on Ebay for one million dollars. The description pimped the astounding resemblance between the subject of the photograph and Mr. Cage, the Hollywood actor. The item was either purchased (by Mr. Cage, covering his tracks, perhaps? He could afford it) or has been withdrawn from sale. Here’s a little more information. Personally, I think it is an astounding resemblance.. The only thing throwing me is the left ear, which seems to be at a weird angle from the angular and perhaps a tad more symmetrical Mr. Cage. Well, who knows, maybe vampires can get a little work done.

I’d dismiss this as just a spectacular coincidence, were it not similar to the plot of an average Nicolas Cage film. See for yourself!