Guidebook for HISTORICON 2022 is published

Our Guidebook App for the HISTORICON 2022 convention is now available. Guidebook is a digital information source that contains much of the same information that is available in the printed convention directories– maps, schedules, tournaments, Hobby University and War College events. There are also all kinds of hooks to social media, photo albums etc. Functionally the Guidebook is not that different from the last post I wrote for Historicon 2019– rather that rewrite that again, I’d advise you to read this post here:

There are only a few dated references, to social media tags and whatnot, However, for the most part, the 2019 guide works pretty close to the 2022 guide.

I do want to go over a little bit of the custom work I did to the schedule to make it a little more user friendly. Since we don’t have those colorful track tags activated any more, I’ve had to kind of cheat the system a bit, by adding TOU# in front of Tournament listings to make them easy to find, and BGL in front of Board Game Library listings, and HU in front of Hobby University listings. I go over it in this video here. I apologize for the grainy texture, I was filming a screen.

How to get your Guidebook App: You need to first go to either Google Play (for Androids) and the App Store (for Iphones). Search for the guidebook app itself, and download.

Then, follow the instructions here. If you have a camera on your phone and connect to the internet.. use your camera to look at the QRC code (bottom of this post). Move it in or out until it frames the QRC code. You should see a popup that says “” or something like. Follow prompts for “already have guidebook?”. Search for Historicon 2022. Download, it’s about 9 mb.

HISTORICON 2022 has gone mobile!

We’re excited to announce we have a brand new mobile guide for you to use on Guidebook! Get the guide to access the most up-to-date information about our event, including schedules, maps, and much more.

Get our guide here:

Android and iOS users:

  1. Tap the “Download” button to download the free Guidebook app
  2. Open Guidebook and you can find our “HISTORICON 2022” guide

See you there!

— HISTORICON 2022 Team

Note Bene, and this is important: “Guidebook Web” which was a free feature that Guidebook is now “productizing” was the way we could look at the schedule using a web browser. It is now an extra feature at an additional price. What does this mean for you? Simply put– no schedule on the web browser, Guidebook is on smart phone or tablet only. Also no convenient “Landing Page” that put it all together in a nice bundle, like they used to offer. I’m sorry about the changes, I know they are somewhat inconvenient to some of you– but we’re kind of getting nickel and dimed by Guidebook (the corporation) a bit. I’ve had to resort to a lot of the older tricks I used back in the Free Plan days when we got the most basic of plans for free. Labor intensive methods like codes in the Titles (TOU, HU, BGL, etc.) and a little banner for miniatures events are the best I can do to make it easier to navigate at the moment. I’m getting prices for added features for the next show, I’ll keep the membership posted. — Walt

I go through what the schedule looks like in the Vimeo below. Just explaining a few newer features, including linking, and the event codes I use to highlight differences.

A Summary of schedule codes.

  • SEM: Seminar
  • HU: Hobby University
  • BGL: Board Game Library
  • TOU# (usually the rules title): A Tournament
  • A header with Miniatures Game displayed over toy soldiers: A regular miniatures game

If you have an issue with your table assignment, please direct it to If you have a question about tournaments email I hope the guidebook app is useful for you and see you at the convention!

If you see other events linked to the game you are viewing in Guidebook that means it is LINKED to one or more other events. Usually this happens when one GM is throwing many other events of the same title or system. I can’t promise I found them all but I have found many.

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