Voxelhouse and 6mm SF

Only a blind bat can’t pick up on the fact that I’m doing more 3d printing these days. No, I’m no great digital sculptor (beyond some simple concepts). When I print something, I go looking to see if someone has done it first. Sometimes I’ll luck out and find unit on Thingaverse.com. Increasingly , I’ll want to spend a few bucks, support somebody’s work and get the STL file for printing from a commercial source, usually from Wargame Vault. One of my favorite creators, bar none, is Voxelhouse, run by Manoel Garcia. Mr. Garcia has his thumbs in many pies, and supports all kinds of gaming with his 3D designs. He even designs his own. Remember my Galley Warfare Plague Project? All of those hulls, and the shore facilities, and other scenery, were from Voxelhouse’ Mare Nostrum line. They have expanded out of galley warfare and now are tackling other scales and other time periods. Recently they have been releasing a very well crafted 3 or 6mm Science fiction scenery line. I’m sure they can’t say it’s specifically designed for OGRE miniatures, but .. well, you be the judge.

OGRE miniatures for comparison purposes.
Voxelhouse miniatures: missile silo, radar arrays, laser towers, laser bunkers
Amazing how well they match up, in my opinion.
Now I just want to play OGRE miniatures, that’s what!
OGRE infantry and a Voxelhouse Howitzer

Current OGRE miniatures releases (in plastic) don’t have laser towers. Just saying.

Bunkers are .. I dont’ remember but the rest is either OGRE minis or Voxelhouse.

Note that the Laser Tower/Laser Bunker/Radar Dome/Missile silo set is just one set from the Cosmo Motors line. I could make 20 of these if I wanted to, but I don’t want to. I like what they do and I love their attitude and creativity. Long live Voxelhouse!

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