Mystical Critters for Tibetan Corpse Racing Olympiad

I’ve expanded the Tibetan Corpse Racing Olympiad a bit to make it more pulpy and thematic. At the root of it, it’s just a low grade racing game that uses GASLANDS templates, which is fun buuuut well, I love a bit of chaos.

In the TCRO rules, players role specially marked maneuver dice that have two sides marked COUNTER. That result indicates that the cart has experienced a level of wear and tear in one of three categories: Beast Fatigue (yellow), Physical Wear (red) and Mystic Charge (blue). Think of counters as “event static charge” that builds up until something ‘pops’ and you get an effect. Get enough Fatigue points, your Yak is now tired and won’t go fast. Get enough Wear points, your yak cart might get broken and the driver has to hop out and fix it (needless to say that’s risky in a zombie race). Get enough Mystic Charge built up, and POP! you might summon a mystical creature that is attracted to all that mystical energy. We tried out a prototype of this result in our last playtest, and I like the basic idea but it needs a little tinkering. However, one thing I will do is PAINT the things– I didn’t have time last time. So here’s a sampling of some of the “mystical creatures” I created as a random event/summoning result:

Efreet, Yeti Warrior, Shambling Horror in foreground

Yeti Warrior, Hopping Vampire (in blue), Wendingo, Djinn

Djinn, Animated Idol (look familiar?)

Clay Golem, Water Golem, Two Snow Golems, and an Ice Golem
Stone Golem, Hopping Vampire (Red) Clay Golem
Duke of Hades

I’m also liking the idea of giving players a thing they can do to mess with other teams to sort of narrow down runaway victories. One idea is a wizard that can get summoned that attacks or supports random teams. Here’s the concept:

Print up a bunch of Hand Gestures on your 3d Printer, mount on bases

So we start with some hand gestures, since I’m envisioning a “Green Lantern” style Hand Gesture thing, only bright pink:

Grab! Stop! Punch 1, Punch 2, and Headbang!
Headbang! Grab! Punch! Approval! Rebuke! Stop! Punch! Identify! Rend!

All of these effects will either impact the driver’s team (good things like Approval! (the Thumbs up), Rebuke! (Flipping the bird– makes a bad thing happen), Stop! (the hand up) slows down a team, Punch 1 and Punch 2 (attacks either one or two teams), Identify (or choose- finger pointing)– making the selected team vulnerable to something… I’m still working this one out but I did find a nice figure (with the same bright pink hands) to play the role of this random element as well.

So that’s progress. There’s a lot of things going on at once with this design, but it’s kind of nostalgic for me. I used to run games like this quite a bit back in the early 00s.