Remembering Dan Murawski, my friend

Like many people that knew him, the gaming/cosplay/star wars nerd communities were shocked to hear this about Mr. Dan Murawski this morning:

This is Tay, Dan’s oldest child. I am posting this to reach out to anyone who I wouldn’t otherwise be able to contact, but I am very sorry to say that my dad passed away this morning. We are still working out funeral arrangements, but will try to keep everyone posted as we know more. Dad had been sick for the last week, but seemed to be doing better. He had a negative COVID test Monday. We don’t exactly know what happened, just that it seems to have been natural causes. We are all in shock, but I hope you can remember my dad by the big lovable nerd he was. Thanks.

Dan’s daughter, Facebook, 10:35 AM today

I’ve know Dan for many years. I know his health fluctuated but I wasn’t expecting anything like this. I sincerely hope it wasn’t COVID that got him, but as Tay points out, he had a recent negative test, so as of right now, cause of death is a mystery to me-– seek out his family to get any particulars they would wish to share. This is very early, I just found out.

I’m just saddened, and baffled. Dan had a heart of gold and a sense of fair play about him. Readers might associate Dan with being the Fall IN Director for HMGS and being a prominent volunteer (usually Events Coordinator) on other shows. When I was a director back in the early oughts, he volunteered for me, which he was fond of telling me was a pivotal point for him in the society– he felt like he was accepted and appreciated. My version went something like: “Hey, you, you busy? Want to work the events desk for a bit? There’s a t-shirt in it for you!” Or something like that. Still, he considered it a kindness, so I’m glad it got him involved.. and man, was he involved.

Dan on the right

Dan was a large guy, and like his son Tay, I thought of him as a fellow nerd with a heart of gold. He was active in Star Wars cosplay circles and loved geek culture, and restoring old cars. He had small children and older kids, a fun mix– I’ve only met a few of them from time to time so I apologize for not getting the names straight. Dan had a sense of humor to be sure but I swear the man didn’t have a sarcastic bone in his body– he was genuine, and wore his heart on his sleeve. I had to translate snarkiness for him constantly. I liked him. My son liked him, too. He was never too busy to sit down with you and dish the latest gossip, or conspiracy theory, or some other worrying trend. Even though it was an activity that was somewhat stressful, he loved being a convention director– way more than I ever did. He loved HMGS Shows and I was happy to see he was awareded the Legion of Honor some years ago, which he was secretly proud of, feeling like he was an ultimate outsider getting to be awarded entre into the “cool kid’s lounge” or something. He didn’t need an award to be famous with the rest of us.

Ayyyyyyy! Dan next to an awful statue of the Fonz

Like I said up top, this news finds me troubled and saddened. Dan was younger than me by at least a decade and I had no notion he was feeling poorly. I hadn’t seen him in person in some while, at least 2019 (blame this on the Plague). So my last mental pictures of him were him being energetic and friendly, waving as I drove off from .. was it Historicon 2019? Yep.

Go with God, ya big galoot. May He hold you in His hand and may you end up in heaven 20 minutes before the Devil knows you’ve passed. I’ll miss you, Dan, sincerely.

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