Fire When Ready (Metagaming) Play Aid

I recently played my favorite Scenario, The Naval Battle of Yalu (1894), using a PDF of the old classic Micro-History series game “Fire When Ready“, a somewhat obscure microgame of pre-dreadnought combat. I prefer to play with miniatures over the rather shoddy counters, so I have made two fleets for FWR so far– Yalu and Santiago. The other big reason I made the original Yalu scenario data transpose to google sheets is the original rulebook is very poorly laid out and typeset. The publisher, Metagaming, did the best they could to keep the price down to 2.95, and cut a lot of corners. The rulebook was laid out on a typewriter, I think. I plan to make more fleets for Manila Bay and Dewey Fights again! soon. One thing that was really helpful when played the Yalu naval battle was porting the combat charts to a Google sheet, then reading the combat charts and scenario ship data on an Ipad, using the Google sheets app. Having the rules be so portable made the game speed up quite a bit over the idea of reading the microscopic type and dealing with the terrible layout of the original.

So I continued adding data to this file. Today, I finished creating a chart tab for every scenario published in the original game. If you remember the game FWR with some kindness, maybe you’ll want to use this as well. I can understand if you aren’t interested– it was a niche interest when FWR was new, and now it is an almost 40 year old game! However, if you like gaming in this era and have a copy of FWR, you might want this file for your ipad when you are running your next game. CLICK HERE to get a copy.