Oathmark Undead Army

This follows this post: Another Plague Hobby Project

Oathmark, by Osprey Games, has been out for a while. I’m not seeing it played a lot, but then again I’m not seeing a lot of any kind of game played these days. Blame a global pandemic for that trend. Oathmark tickles a fancy of mine.. being able to fight bigger battles with large forces in a fantasy setting. So, even though I’m not a very good guy for painting whole armies, I’ve been having fun in lockdown building up my Oathmark armies. They are in various stages of completion. My Oathmark Undead army was not included in the four races in the starter rules, but the recently published Oathbreakers supplement covers Undead, so now at least I can stat them Oathmark style. As my other two armies (Darves and Orcs) i’ll just put up these to keep the pot stirring

Macro View of all of it.
Undead Revenenant General (center) with Lich (left) and Vampire Knight Hero (right)
Oathmark Revenant General
Oathmark Liche
Oathmark Vampire Knight
Skeleton Soldiers. They aren’t that effective in a fight but there are a lot of them. Hand Weapons, Shields
Back- a unit of Death Knights Revenant Cavalry, Foreground: Skeleton Giant (Monster Class) and Evil High Priest mounted on fell beast
A large unit of Mummies (I may break this into two smaller units). Plus Revenant Captain in front (Mummy)
Skeleton Archers. Cheap, really my only missile unit right now.
Last but not least, a ton of skeletal Spearmen. This is the bulk of the army. Inexpensive for points and possessing some ability. Each stand has an officer figure.

So this army is pretty much close to being done. Here are acquisitions in the work to round out the numbers a tiny bit.

More Archers— at least one more stand’s worth.
Wraith infantry— just for some variety
A skeleton Ballista (I have one, I might get another)

Figure sources are a big mix. I bought a giant bag full of skellies from the old Ral Partha bulk metal booth back when the vendor was still called Ral Partha, back several Cold Wars ago. So I had a bunch of very decent metal figures to start. Then I also picked up an order of resin cast Skellies from Ebay (they are a bit large), and a lot of Reaper Bones figures to Bulk things out: The general, several skeletons, and other onesie and twosie figures are all Reaper. The Lich and Vampire are metallic, not sure where I got them but I had them laying around. Even though Oathmark pushes a 25mm x 25mm base, I use a mix of round and squares, mostly because the older figures from Ral came in Slotta bases and that’s what they fit.

I hope to report some progress on the Orcs or the Dwarves soon. It will likely be the Dwarves.