Trying the Polysher by Polymaker

The Polymaker Polysher

If you print a lot with PLA filament, you know what the end product will look like.. generally speaking the shape you want but it’s not great for detail. PLA printers, like my own Dremel 3D20, will print with a range of filment types, but the process is pretty much the same every time. The machine heats up a spool of filament thread, squeezes it through and extruder, and builds a sculpture of sorts out of that thread, line by line. The results can be mixed. They are often rather rough looking. I’ve had a mixed bag with the 3D20, but overall I’m positive about it. I recently learned of the solvent method of “smoothing” print lines.. A company called Polymaker produces Polysmooth (a softer type of filament) that can be ‘cured’ to remove print lines. I don’t have polysmooth but I think I can adapt the 3D20 to use it readily enough. In the meantime, I got a Polysher for Christmas. Let’s take a look and see what it will do with the standard PLA filament that I get directly from Dremel.

Printing the Sky Gondola for Mystic Skies
This is the Piece we tested in the Polyshur. From my Insta account

Results: somewhat problematic for the Dremel brand PLA. It DOES do some low level smoothing but I’m not sure how much of an improvement it will be. The true test will be building an adaptor for the 3D20 to print Polysmooth, then using Polysmooth brand filament. I think that’s a logical next step to improving my printing.