The 3D printed Rocket Bike racing game that doesn’t have a name yet

First, an apology, I haven’t felt the muse lately. It just gets that way when you’re stuck indoors, day after day, week after week, month after month. I don’t think it’s Purgatory, but I can’t prove otherwise.

So I have picked up a 3D printer when Amazon did a money grab “early Black Friday” event and offered up this printer, a Dremel Digilab 320. I’ll say this up front; it’s not the top of the top of the line, even for Dremel. There are things about it that aren’t optimal. It will only print its own file format. I can’t use filament that isn’t sold from Dremel directly, although I can kludge a hack for a new spool holder and change nozzles. On the other hand…. well, I’m loving this. I can picture an idea, and then I can make that happen. Is that cool or what? Still, I’m not adept at 3D sculpting yet. I’ll get there. Until then, I’ll be printing commercial and free STL files I’m picking up in various places. One set I picked up about six months ago was this cool Rocket bike STL bundle from Bombshell Miniatures.

This is what I’ve been wanting to make happen.. I’ve tried printing them with the library printer I used for that giant Trireme project I’ve been working on. Results were terrible.. but by bumping up the fill percentage and jiggling around the print quality, I’m getting decent results.

I’ll say these aren’t perfect. I really think they should be printed on a resin printer, which I plan to buy at some point, but I’m just liking learning the filam printer right now. Yet, the detail is still pretty good. With a decent paint job, it could look excellent. I have about 8 from the Bombshell miniatures STL collection and 4 from net freebies from Thingiverse.

What am I going to do with them? I’m going to work a high speed racing game that gives a nod to real world physics. Surprisingly, it won’t involve combat (or won’t focus on it). Given that the rockets will go very fast, it will be possible to get in many laps, if the bikes survive the turns. I don’t know what to call it yet. If you have a suggestion, leave a comment.

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  1. Those look great to me. You can get decent results on minis with a PLA printer but it does take some time to dial in the settings.



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