The Tale of Satampra Zeiros by Clark Ashton Smith

Weird Tales November 1931: Click HERE to read the original

This is not read by Walter O’Hara, but by a Youtube channel called HorrorBabble.  I subscribe to them because their production values are very good and their narrator, Ian Gordon, has a voice that could make an angry wolverine purr.  I encourage you to subscribe.  I don’t normally promote another channel but I really enjoy their work.  

The story, the Tale of Satampra Zeiros, is by another favorite of mine, Clark Ashton Smith, whom I judge to be Lovecraft’s superior (albeit a near run thing).  I like reading CAS’s literary output but he rarely wrote short short stories like this one.  This short story is the memoir of two thieves that break into the ancient capital of Hyperborea, and what horrors awaited them there.  Scary Tentacle-y goodness, that’s what.  Enjoy, and subscribe to Horrobabble.  

Play below: