A Visit to Aberdeen Proving Ground Tank Museum back in 2012

Background: I’m moving stuff off of Photobucket.com, because of their intrusive watermarks and recent increase in popup ads and decline in service in general.  It’s a frustrating process because they will ping you about having too many photographs for a free account daily but won’t give you an easy way to archive your account off by folder.  So you may be seeing a few blasts from the past re-hosted.  Today’s post was originally made in 2012, I think.  I had gone to Aberdeen Proving Ground for work reasons. I knew the Army was winding down its open air armor museum and moving the pieces to Fort Lee, Va, slowly as funding permitted. What I didn’t know was how many pieces they still had left. Thanks to the patience of my work colleague who sat in the car drumming his fingers (he was retired artillery, this wasn’t floating his boat) as I took, literally ten minutes running around taking pictures and trying to take it all in. The rain helped move me along. Anyway, here’s my 2012 trip to the Open Air Armor museum at Aberdeen, reposted.   Meta information: I’m deleting the older post from 2012, it is now redundant.

Old British Whippet Tank from WWI, I think
Vickers Tank, 1930s.
Line up of various armor vehicles. I think that’s a Panther in the center, and a US M60 on the right. I may be wrong!
Type 94 Tank. Japanese I think
Honestly, I forget. Any help here?
It’s big, it’s German (from the numbering scheme) and it looks like a SP gun. That’s all I got. Any ideas?
Coupla Shermans hanging out and minding their own beeswax.
I’m going to say a Panzer III or a Panzer IV without the side skirting. No idea on the giant arty piece in the background
A long gun, maybe a US 150? It’s hard to say at this distance.
Large Artillery pieces. It’s been ten years and this is a crappy phone picture taken in the rain. So sue me! I think these were British artillery pieces but I can’t be sure.
A mix of Cold War era stuff. I think that’s a French APC second from right and that’s a BMP2 (maybe) in the center. Not sure of the others though.
This is a big boy. I would say a Mark V from WWI but the sponsons look weird.
It definitely looks like a Mark V from this angle.
A German Marder SP gun
More big arty pieces
The Chi-Ha. What a terrible tank to take over Asia with
Business end of a German BrumBar SP gun
Better view of the Brumbar
Lordy, those arty pieces from the Cold War were huge
Looking through the shooting end of a German towed 75mm Anti Tank gun
Wider shot of the famous 75mm towed AT gun

From Wikipedia, the items at the open air museum back in 2012:

Tanks and Self-Propelled Artillery

  • British World War I Mark IV Female tank
  • British World War I Medium Mark A Whippet tank
  • British interwar Vickers Medium Mark II tank
  • British World War II Infantry Tank Mk II, “Matilda II” (A12)
  • German World War II Panzer III tank
  • German World War II Panther tank (one)
  • German World War II Sturmpanzer IV Brummbär
  • German World War II Tank destroyer “Jagdtiger”
  • German World War II Tank destroyer SdKfz 164 “Nashorn”
  • German World War II Tank destroyer Marder III
  • German World War II Grille Ausf. M Self-Propelled Artillery
  • German/US MBT-70
  • Italian tank destroyer, Semovente 90/53
  • Italian tank destroyer, Semovente da 149/40
  • Italian World War II medium tank; Fiat M13/40
  • Japanese Pre-World War II medium tank Type 94 tankette
  • Japanese World War II Tank Type 95 Ha-Go
  • Japanese World War II Tank Destroyer Type 1 Ho-Ni I
  • US World War II M4A4 Sherman Medium Tank
  • US World War II M20 Armored Utility Car
  • US M60 Patton tank
  • US T92 Light Tank

Artillery pieces

  • German Krupp K5 Railway gun “Leopold” (one of the “Anzio Annie” twins)
  • German World War II 12.8 cm FlaK 40 Zwilling anti-aircraft gun
  • German World War II 8.8 cm Flak 36 anti-aircraft gun
  • German World War II 8.8 cm Flak 41 anti-aircraft gun
  • Soviet World War II 152 mm howitzer-gun M1937 (ML-20)
  • US 105 mm M2A1 Howitzer
  • US 120 mm M1 gun
  • US 155 mm Long Tom Field Gun
  • US 280 mm Field Gun M65 Atomic Cannon
  • US 16-Inch Coast Defense Gun


  • “T12” the largest conventional bomb ever built (U.S. 44,000 lb (20,000 kg) bomb), before moving it stood outside the front entrance to the museum building.