Another Plague Hobby Project

I’ve had a prodigious spur to get old projects done since there’s not a lot of social activity going on right now. No conventions, no game event projects, etc. So I’ve been dabbling in painting up fantasy armies for Oathmark, by Osperey Publishing. This is a “big battle” game by the same guy who designed Frostgrave (Joseph McCullough), which I enjoy very much. Oathmark isn’t a high concept, difficult game, it’s pretty old school in terms of mechanics. It’s a low density mass army game, without a huge demand for figures. I decided I’d give this a try. Mass army games aren’t my thing.. I leave all the giant figure count games to the truly dedicated. I’m more of a small unit skirmish kind of hobbyist. Still, Oathmark appeals to me due to small unit sizes, easy mechanics and that “old school tactical” feel. I have commenced work on Dwarven, Goblin/Orc and Undead armies. They are in mixed states of completion, but the project farthest along is by far, the Undead army, which is strange because it isn’t even addressed in the basic Oathmark book. I do hear there will be upcoming supplemental works that will expand the series somewhat, so I might as well get an army done for it. Right now the rules cover the basic fantasy “good guys” plus Orcs, Gobbos and various allied monsters. I chose Dwarves because.. I like dwarves. I chose the other two to give them someone to fight. My Dwarven Army has three units of Kings of War Dwarves (melee weapons, 20 figures each), 2 Arbalest Siege weapons, A king, a General, 2 wizards, 2 clerics, a unit of War vultures, A tame Hill Giant with two dwarf riders with Steam Cannons. My Orc and Gobbo army is largely notional now– I have a unit box of Goblins, 20 loose Orc Melee fighters and 20 loose Archers. My Undead army is mostly odds and sods– about 30 skeleton (old Ral Partha I found in the bulk metal bin at a convention), 10 mummies (unpainted), 1 Skeletal Giant

Wraith Hero leads a Skellie unit
Lich Lord leads Skellies
Another Wraith Hero leading another unit of Skellies. These are all old Ral Partha Fantasy Army figures I picked up in bulk at a convention. By the pound. The Single figures are Reaper.

Of course, this is feeling a little like busy work right now, as I haven’t gamed with another human since Cold Wars this year. Sigh.


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