Cruel Seas Project Update

So, a little after a year in to it, and my pace with Warlord Games’ CRUEL SEAS system has definitely picked up, thanks to the cruel exigencies of COVID 19. The is definitely a game system that has benefitted from my personal quarantine. As of now, I have

8 German Navy S-Boat patrol boats painted.
about the same for Vosper MTBs of both varieties.
2 Fairmiles
2 Tugs (British)
2 Armed Trawlers (German)

I have about 8 more S boats and slightly less more Vospers to paint. After which I’ll have a collection that probably exceeds the historical number of local patrol craft in the entire English Channel at the early point of the war, but that’s not the point, is it? I am considering doing that cool spotted blue camo on the S-Boats shortly.

Something to shoot for.

So that brings me to the latest development. The German Navy VorpostenBoot, or patrol boat. These were heavily armed conversions from existing trawlers, fishing boats or pleasure yachts, acting in a reserve role until hostilities began. Vorpostenboote typically carried one or two medium-calibre guns (e.g. 88 mm), many light automatic anti-air artillery pieces (20–40 mm), and a varying number of machine guns. For anti-submarine warfare they were also fitted with depth charges. Crewed by sixty to seventy men, most of whom were weapons personnel taken from the naval reserve, the Vorpostenboote became particularly feared by the Royal Navy for their firepower and efficiency in battle. While Vorpostenboote were able to engage and defeat light naval forces – such as small motor gun boats – they were not powerful enough to effectively combat destroyers or larger warships.

My first attempt at Dazzle Camo. Be kind

What I like about the model is that it conveys the sheer firepower some of these VPBs had. One can imagine how tough a nut one of the VPBs used to be when encountering them with a light patrol boat. They were slow, though, so likely torpedo bait. If Vosper can get close enough to fire, that is!

Anyway, that’s the latest development. I’m tackling a German minelayer next.