Cruel Seas not sunk by a plague

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So the pandemic going on right now is pretty awful. It’s very serious. Seriously keeping me inside constantly. I live and work from home and rarely get out much. Even in a time of sadness, stress and frustration, I’m getting a lot of hobby stuff done. Well, why not? Is that such a surprise?

A pair of German Naval trawlers, and a pair of English channel tugs.

As it turns out, staying home was a huge bonus for stay at home activities. Like gaming. Like painting miniature ships. I have had the Cruel Seas project on the shelf for over a year now. I got it for Christmas two Christmases ago. Why haven’t I continued with it? I don’t know. I like the game and I love the subject matter. I’ve played a couple of times. I wanted to collect sufficient forces to play England, Germany and Italy. Also the US. It’s kind of daunting to start, I guess. All that has changed during the COVID epidemic. Time is now something I have plenty of! Yay!

So I had some inventory built up from various places. I bought some Cruel Seas small craft from Brian at Sea Dog Game Studios, a couple of channel tugs and a couple of armed Trawlers like the kind the German fleet used from converted fishing trawlers. I have a Kriegsmarine set, A Royal Navy set, a starter set, and I bought extra S boats and Vospers. The end result? Tons and tons of ships from two nations. Maybe way too many! Who knows. I think I have enough ships to have a giant donnybrook between England and Germany now. I’m going to add some Cruel Seas games to my convention repitore, now that I have put some time into getting some paint on these.

The S Boats.. 8 here.. and I have 6 more! Gaaah!

A gaggle of German S Boats Torpedo boats. Obviously, I’m inspired now!
Good heavens, That’s a lot of S boats.

So with 8 regular boring paint jobs for S Boats, my challenge with the remaining 6 boats will be to do some half decent camouflage patterns. This will require masking tape and patience.

And here are the Vospers… 8 here, 6 more on deck! That’s a couple of flotillas!

That’s a lot of Vospers. If I end up with 14 I can probably run a game with at least 20 people in it!

I guess my point is that I probably have over done it or something. I don’t care, this is a fun system and I love da little ships.

It’s a U-boat surprise!


  1. When all has passed you should get together with Chort & Jeff & me to play (Jeff & Chort have the ships, I just sit around and continually forget the rules but it is fun).

  2. Those look really great- I’ve a few in the shed I haven’t got round to doing anything with yet… like you I have the time now.



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