Second Playtest of Star Schlock!

Star Schlock is designed to simulate the low budget, forgotten sci fi films and tv shows produced between 1968 and 1988 on the tabletop. I’ve got a soft spot for such gems as Starcrash, Battle Beyond the Stars, and Robot Jox, but Star Schlock should work for getting high brow fare like Battlestar Galactica, Planet of the Apes, Dune and Star Trek on the table as well. – John Sears, designer, on his blog “The 1000 foot General”

John Sears ran the monthly Scrum Palace game this month. It was a replay of the playtest of his Science Fiction Skirmish game, STAR SCHLOCK. He had made some changes since the last game a couple months ago. Instead of playing the hapless planetary militia, I was on the side of the evil empire this time.

I had two squads of expendables, pictured above, Captain Vrock, also above, and Murderbot, not pictured.
Same cast of characters as last time.. the Baron, the Baroness, the Militia, the Doc, the Space Cadet.. etc.

There were some new components to test (the initiative track) and some new “strategy” and “victory” cards to digest. I admire the attempt at asymmetrical victory conditions. I had the objective of “holding two objective points and grabbing a shuttle and taking off with it with as many people as I could fit on board”. Joe had “Battlefield dominance.. hold two objectives.” By the time I managed to fight my way to the second objective, it was too late to evacuate anyone on the shuttles. Joe’s victory was a little easier to define (since we had both objectives) but it also involved a dice roll at the end which did not go well. We lost

Murderbot (center above) proved to be quite useful

my objective, which the other side claimed first and I had to clear out with Murderbot
The fight in the center
My forces advancing on Objective one
Best Character by far was Murderbot. he could really engage in Melee!

So that was it. I am still a tad baffled by everything but I like the game rules very much so far. It’s kind of complicated for a skirmish game and it takes some getting used to, but I like the theme and I like the setting. I’d like to try these rules for my oft-delayed pulp Space Station game.

For more pictures, visit this IMGUR POST.

Second Playtest, Star Schlock, at Scrum Palace

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  1. Thanks Walt! I appreciate you giving my rules another go. Your feedback has really helped me find areas that can be simplified or tweaked to smooth out rough spots.

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