Guidebook for Historicon 2019 is out

It’s Back!

Guidebook has returned for HMGS conventions. Or at least Historicon 2019. Joby has authorized a purchase for Historicon. This is getting out late, for that, I apologize, but there’s plenty of time to get it downloaded to use at the show.


The features are pretty much the same since Guidebook’s last major build last year. Since I haven’t posted on this in a long time, here’s the main feature list. NOTE that these pictures are from an Ipad. Your screen layout will be somewhat different on an Android or IPhone.

Main screen

All the download information is at the bottom of this post. Same deal as usual, go to the Historicon 2019 LANDING PAGE, download the app and install it on your Android, Ipad, Iphone, or use it on your computer’s web screen. The main functions most people are interested in are the Schedule, My Schedule, Maps, and Exhibitor Lists.

This is the schedule. It contains ALL events, including Games, Tournaments, Hobby University and the War College.

All events are put in the schedule– you can see a few up in the illustration. The little colored dots indicate what type of event it is– blue for games, maroon for War College, gold for Tournaments and black for the Hobby University.

What an individual event looks like.

When you open an event item, it looks like this. If you want to add it to your personal schedule for the convention (MY SCHEDULE), you can set an alarm to buzz your device when that event is imminent.

You can post to Twitter from Guidebook, using your own twitter account, if you have one.

I’m using #HMGS, #HMGS_east, #Hisotoricon #Historicon2019

You can also post to the HMGS Facebook page, as you can see below. HMGS page

The Exhibitors tab looks like this. The number is the table number.


To match that to the Exhibitor Hall layout, use this map from the MAPS tab:

Exhibitor Hall layout, as of publish date.

That’s the main stuff for now. I can (and will be) editing the guide right up to the convention. I am expecting replacement maps with table layouts. As I make changes, I will post notices in GB about this.. Check messaging. To update your guide just be somewhere you can get a wireless signal and it will prompt you to download the update.

How to get Guidebook

Like last time, there’s a LANDING PAGE HERE that has the direct download links. You will need to have the app installed on either your IOS device (Ipad and Iphone), or Android. Then download the guide itself by searching for HISTORICON 2019. The link is below.

Here is the scan code to download it yourself.

There you go! See you at HISTORICON 2019.