Session 2, Rift of the Frost Giants

So, I’ve been a little remiss in posting lately. We did a follow up to our last D&D v. 5.0 session at Casa Scrumm two weeks or so back. This is the continuation of the session that Jared put on for Joe’s birthday, which was a delve into the next in the series “Against the Giants”, a famous series of D&D Modules from way back in the day, revised for version 5.0 of D&D. If you remember from the last post, we delved around on the top floor, some members wandered off, and nearly got eaten by wolves or a giant bug thing. Given how that worked out we stayed more or less together this time.

This time, our doughty crew started clustered together and didn’t deviate from that.

We started after having retreated to our cave camp that is somewhere in the approaches to the Rift. We retreated there to heal up and learn some spells so we got in some long rests. It was during this rest period that we created the fiction that had Rich McKee’s character join us. As he was playing a paladin that was sufficient extra hitting power and some additional healing magic.

Unlike last time it didn’t take long to find an actual, no fooling frost giant.

Shhh.. do you hear that?
Rrrrraaaaaawrrrr! I smell human MEAT!!! and Elves! And maybe some Hobbit appetizer!

Essentially this is not a big brainy problem solving or puzzle kind of adventure. There’s not much story to get through– we were somewhat imperiously told that there’s a giant problem, it’s now OUR problem, and being local heroes and all, we had to go deal with it. This is the follow up to the Steading of the Hill Giant.. or something like that. I’ve played that module, but not with this crowd. I vaguely remember playing the Glacial Rift for the old AD&D system and having a great time with it, but it was non-stop fighting with enemies that outclassed us (back in the day)….

This was only one of FOUR Frost Giant encounters. we also fought wolves and hypnotic Yeti!

At this stage, the whole Rift was in a heightened state of alarm from the last time we visited and killed a lot of minions. This time it seemed like the heightened alarm created three times more random encounters, most of them being Giants, Yetis, Dire Wolves or Ogres.

OGRES charging down the hallway

There was an interesting point where we found some frozen bodies of adventurers, presented on display of cylinders of ice. We thawed the ice and looted the bodies. I thought it would be fun to resurrect the bodies and have adventurers come along with us but the bodies were too damaged. Garrett’s necromancer character, however, did reanimate a few of them as extra zombies. Zombies were very helpful as cannon fodder in this session, as we were frequently surrounded by multiple enemies on all sides.

At the end of the night, we had killed four frost giants, three ogres, a lot of Yeti and at least six direwolves. We had been hurt bad in spots. Frost Giants can pack a mean punch, and I should know– I tried to hog tie one of them at one point but he recovered from a Bardic Joke spell too quickly and turned on me like a prison snitch in the showers.

It was a fun night– we had some new faces running new characters. I was impressed with version 5.0, as I was last time. We just seem to have more options than the old days. I know it’s a pretty lethal dungeon party we’re running, with tons of spell power to launch at the massive numbers we were facing. I really liked playing retro like this.

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The Glacial Rift of the Frost Giant Jarl at Joe’s place.