Alternative Initiative Cards and Dirty Tricks for Mad Maximilian 1934

A sample of some of the dirty trick cards.

How to Use:

This is an idea I had for moving games a little quicker in Max 34. I’m running a big game at Scrum Con and might have to have the traditional “fast car goes first” initiative take a back seat to a more traditional method I’ve used for many skirmish games– it derives from the Sword and the Flame “Card Flip” initiative method, only adding in a chaos factor element. The idea is to give everyone an initiative number, put the numbered cards in an initiative deck by which is kept seperate from a dirty tricks deck. Every turn place one dirty trick in the intitiave deck and shuffle them all together.  The dealer then draws the cards, one by one, and the player with that number activates and takes his or her actions.  The person whose number is called AFTER the dirty trick is pulled can utilize it for either themselves or for a target player. Details are as explained on the card. There are 12 initiative cards (I doubt most Max 34 games will be larger than this). There are 8 dirty tricks cards:

  • Have a Wee Nip
  • Minor Freak Out
  • Mechanics Check (x 2)
  • Ambuscade (Ground Forces)
  • Ambuscade (Mines)
  • Tail Wind
  • Click, Click, Click

There are probably a lot more of these I could add, I admit.  However, I don’t think you should ever have more than one event per initiative deck per turn– it would make the game mechanic far too randomly powerful.

If a card isn’t used in a turn, it is discarded at the end of the turn.

Download HERE.