In memory of Hal Dyson

With deep sadness, I note the recent passing of Hal Dyson. He was a fixture at conventions, running giant Aerodrome games back to back sometimes, solely for the love of the game. I always talked to Hal, who participated in some of my earlier Wild West and Victorian Science Fiction games enthusiastically.

Honestly, I can’t find a good picture of me with Hal… so here’s some generic Aerodrome pictures instead.

Hal lived a pretty eventful life, serving his country in many places and in many conflicts.  He was a Vietnam veteran.  He rarely discussed these things.   I never knew him to get overwrought about organizational politics, or hold a grudge against anyone in particular.  He was on an even keel.

Hal was kind, energetic, caring and understanding. His patience was legendary— making him a great GM for children players. Hal never complained, never was bitter, even when declining health forced him out of the GM business. He was attending shows until the very end. I’ll miss you Hal. Heck, we all will.  I’m arriving at an age where I’m saying goodbye to old friends on an increasingly frequent basis.. it never gets easy.

If you want to attend his memorial service, see here.

After scouring my old convention reports, I found the best picture of Hal I could find.  Here he is in 2007, doing what he loved to do, running a fun game, full of laughter and trash talk, with a mix of kids and adults trying to shoot each other out of the sky.  Aerodrome is a game that is visually spectacular and easy to teach to people of all ages– Hal was great at that, he really knew how to sell the fun.

RIP Hal Dyson (Historicon 2013)

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