Spud is just too sexy for Tumblr.com

This morning, I got up to make pancakes and coffee, which is a winner on any given Sunday.  Today, however, my mutts wanted to stay in bed under the covers.  Spud, in fact was acting like a righteous little diva about the whole idea.

Nope, it’s not happening.  Nope. 
Woof!  It’s too cold out.  Go Away!
Yawwwwn.  If I must…

As some of you know, Tumblr recently enforced rigorous automated filtering of adult content, as it had become a haven for reposted porn.  You can read up on that here:

Tumblr.com is banning adult content, and it’s already not going over well – LA Times

Because I post to Instagram, I set Instagram to also copy posts to Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr. It’s lazy man’s blogging. Today, I got an email beep about some pictures being held “for adult content”…  These pictures.

What twisted algorithm went off when it saw a rescue dog’s belly? \

Clearly, Spud is way to sexy for his pants.