The Tale of the Boffin and the Guttersnipe

The Tale of the Boffin and the Guttersnipe
From BY AEROSTAT TO HOOTING YARD, by Frank Key.  Ch. 12

Having ushered in the New Year with some solemnity, I thought it would be appropriate to diverge from my spell of sadness by recording a piece for 3PoS’s sister blog, Airy Persiflage.  Airy Persiflage is a less frequently tended garden of audio snippets I’ve either recorded or posted over the years and has been around since 2010.  One of my favorite modern surreal writers is Mr. Frank Key, whom I was introduced to by listening to “The Goat God Catechism” on the Drabblecast podcast when I was out of town.  The combination of Frank’s dry wit, mastery of the English language, and droll use of obscure literary references makes for a combination that usually has me sniggering, then guffawing, as I drive in to work in the morning.  Not to mention meeting blank stares and head scratches when I get my colleagues to listen to the funny bits.  I have struck up the occasional long distance correspondence with Mr. Key and he has graciously given me (and my son Garrett sometimes) carte blanche to record his shorter work from time to time.  In return, I’m more than happy to pimp Frank’s humor anthologies as much as I can (see his book page for details, I recommend these).  I note that I am behind by one book, I’ll have to rectify that.  I have recorded many pieces from Frank Key’s short works over the years, including my favorite, my own version of the Goat God Catechism I recorded with my then 12 year old son, Garrett.

So, new year, new recording, and of course, I’m going to dip into the well of Key again. This time it’s a short short chapter from BY AEROSTAT TO HOOTING YARD, an anthology of short stories from the “Frank Keyverse”. A Boffin meets a Guttersnipe seeking employment, and sets him straight.

Here’s my recording on Podbean. If it doesn’t embed properly, the direct URL is provided below the audio embed code.

Mood music: Lobo Loco, “Sleeping Dragons” used with Creative Commons License.

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