Frostgrave NorthStar Wizard reference

If you’re like me, you might have a lot of Frostgrave wizard figures. Mine are mostly from Northstar figures, who has been in partnership with Osprey Publishing since Frostgrave was published, and it is Northstar’s concepts for the final initial release of figures that are used as illustration detail throughout the rulebook. So I bought about one of everything once they were released. My problem is, aside from a few memorable figure pairs (of Wizard and Apprentice) sometimes I lose track of who or what is supposed to be what– one guy with a beard waving his hands dramatically looks a lot like every other guy doing the same thing. It’s probably not THAT important, anyway, yet, yet… I suppose I could label the bases but that kind of takes away from the aesthetics. Anyway, I jog my memory by creating a PDF file with the original artwork for the original releases from Northstar, as well as the follow up wizard figures from the later material (such as Thaw of the Lich Lord, Breeding pits, etc). I don’t have good illustrations for the Maze of Melcor figures yet, but I will add them when I get them. Help yourself to the download here:

Northstar Figures Frostgrave Visual Reference
(PDF file)

A North Star Summoner Wizard gets his groove on

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