Scrumcon, the height of Hubris!

The time has come for us all to strap on those wings and fly too close to the sun.  Our tiny gaming group, the Second Saturday Scrum club (see the “Scrummers” tab, above), is putting on our own tiny convention, ScrumCon.  It will be on February 16, 2019, at Davis Hall, College Park, MD.  We encourage you all to come.  Our approach is low key and calm.  This isn’t a “for profit” enterprise so we are just running it for a day, with a morning segment and an afternoon segment.  Given the nature of time and attention spans, there will likely be quicker skirmish style games in play at Scrum Con.  The convention is established as a venue for roleplaying games and miniature games of all sorts (that can fit into the time slots). Our Guest of Honor is Zeb Cook, whom I was pleased to drink a beer with at the recent Fall IN!  Here he is, running a pirate game at the same convention.

For details, please visit here:

SCRUMCON Google Site

What will I be running?  Probably a skirmish style game with easy mechanics that I’m used to running.  Like Mad Maximillian or Gaslands or Frostgrave or something that plays fast and is amusing.  So that probably rules out Big Danged Boats (not the amusing part, the time part.. it’s a long game).  Maybe I’ll run the Magi and style it a kid’s game.  I don’t know, there’s so much to consider.   One thing’s for certain, I’d like to try out some of the Roleplaying choices in the afternoon slot.  It’s been a while and they all sound fun. 

In our group dynamic, there is a great mixture of sincere enthusiasm and hard bitten realism. That’s a pretty good mix to fuel the engine running this event.  We’re not entering into this thing with any grand illusions of making it a giant event, nor with any soul crushing internal politics.  We’re just trying to have a good time and share the fun.  So.. I hope I can see you there in February?  Think of it, what else are you doing in February, huh?