Reprise: Mad Maximilian 1934

I rarely re-blog from another journal on this blog, and as and blogs don’t talk to each other easily, I’ll just post a note pointing towards the recent post on Joe’s blog, Scrum in Miniature The Fun and the Fury: Mad Maximilian 1934.   This post is his short commentary on our recent Max 34 game as the September event for the Second Saturday Scrum Club.  Joe is very complimentary to the game (which I appreciate).  The game session was invaluable for me to get the ebb and flow of the mechanics with a group, so I could run it effectively at FALL IN  this year.  I posted on the event recently, myself.

One item Joe pointed out that I have missed the entire time.  Eureka calls this game MAD Maximilian 1934 on their shelf displays in their booth at shows.  They use the term on their website.  It’s a cool name. Joe points out the rule book is called, simply “Maximillian 1934“.  I  honestly had never noticed it.  I’m kind of surprised Mana Press felt they would get a Cease and Desist letter for a game of this scope.  Shrug.  I’m not changing.

I would be remiss if I didn’t repost a few of Joe’s wife Ellen’s fantastic pictures of this event.  She captured the mood perfectly.

Ford 1932 Pickup, Junkers class.  With Harpoon Gun, hillbilly rockets and Twin Vickers
Bugatti, Jalopy Class (Small) one Lewis gun and small ATR (light cannon)
Table Setup.  The game was a race of sorts that went counter-clockwise
The Mighty Green Machine.  Two LMGs.  Sliding Rocket Rack (4 rockets)
The Red Baron roars past a rocky bluff.. RAMMING SPEED!
As the Militant Nuns pick out targets, the Red Baron races behind the Bugati and Ford pickup.. This might be a pileup…
As the terrain narrows down, the course gets tough for the Bugatti roadster.  A ram from the Red Baron slows it down one speed and speeds UP the Bugatti one speed.
This might be the PERFECT crowd for introducing a new system to.  They were patient!  John Sears (seated) Jared Smith above him, Steve Braun with arms crossed– not pictured Joe Procopio, Rich McKee.
Rich’s team IIRC.. Motorcycle w. sidecar, Buggy class.  Forward arc MG, Tommy Gun on back.  They had some adventures
The Canadian Slabside Junker class.  Extra armor bits, heavy MGs firing in side arcs.  Slow, and cumbersome.
Vile creature of darkness!  I shall cleanse you with Holy Fire!

There’s a ton of good pictures on Joe’s Blog. So go there (link up top). All Photo Credit this page to Ellen Levy. Thanks, Ellen, fantastic job.


  1. I haven’t played a good game of whoppy do-dah mini’s in a long time (last time was OTR 15mm ACW back in 1988). But this looks downright audacious in fun! Sister Mary Leather of the Cat O’Nine Tails, you can come out from hiding! Your time has come. Thanks for posting a re-blog!

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