Little Wars TV

If you’ll spare me a moment to shamelessly plug someone else’s Youtube channel, I think Little Wars TV is great. Production values are great and they are dedicated to coverage of tabletop wargaming. I just discovered them after they attended the recently concluded HISTORICON 2018 and came away with extensive coverage and interviews.


  1. Thanks for the shout-out Walt! I always look forward to your HMGS convention wrap-ups and I’m glad you liked our own attempt after Historicon.

    Keep tuned in to Little Wars TV as we have a full season of 10 episodes ready to roll, plus plenty of bonus content. We’re also formulating some potentially big plans for Fall In, but that’s all on that for now.

    All the best,
    Little Wars TV Steve

    • Steve: I’m glad to see a decent channel (not dedicated to a certain game) giving miniatures shows this kind of coverage! Consider me a fanboy. Well, fan-broken-down-old-guy.

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