Star Wars Armada tournament at Huzzah Hobbies

I dropped by Huzzah Hobbies yesterday and they were having a tournament for Star Wars Armada. Sadly I didn’t know this was going on or I would have participated, even though I’m a relative newbie. I need to pay attention to Huzzah’s store calendar more often if they are going to do events like these. The event was going on on 8 tables, two battles per table, so that’s an impressive turn out.

I recorded a quick reaction audio on my phone here. I wanted to remember the bit about the Shapeways store selling Homemade 3D printed Armada variants. That’s exciting stuff.

The Shapeways shop is Mel Miniatures. You will want to visit this place if you have an interest in space games. Check out the Armada Ships page. The best part is that there is already a fan page supporting creating new cards for these ships, located here. That’s a pretty exciting development. I enjoy variety and think that the Armada game would be greatly strengthened with the introduction of smaller to mid-ranged ships on both sides– corvettes, frigates and escort ships. The introduction of new 3D printed ships is a great idea.


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