The Cards Against Humanity guys give Chinese workers a paid week off. That’s awesome.

I have no idea of what 8 Sensible gifts for Hannukah is or how it plays (although I hear socks are a nice choice), but I’m pretty bowled over by the actions taken by the folks who make Cards against Humanity.  I like these guys.  I already knew they had a sense of humor (they did do a fundraiser for actual bullshit, after all), I didn’t grasp their sense of… well, humanity, dang it!

Read the details, right here If you scroll down the same page, you’ll see actual holiday vacation snaps these workers took with their families.

Bravo, CAH people. I wish I could give you more of my hard earned dough, but I’ve already purchased the hell out of CAH.. twice! Maybe I’ll look into this Hannukah thing, it looks fun now that I read your web page about it.

(I have also heard that CAH’s Max Temkin took some individual initiative lately.  He has also sent a small gift to the militia group occupying the wildlife refuge in Oregon: a 55-gallon drum of lubricant.)


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